IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #97: How to Create Great Facebook Ads with Jessica Nazarali and Lucy McGregor

Jessica Nazarali

When's the last time you scrolled down your Facebook feed? How many ads did you see?

How many ads did you click on?

Just about everyone is on Facebook these days, which makes Facebook ads a key tool for business owners looking to access a wide array of clients. Facebook ads are a magnificent device but they can also be a bit...well...mind boggling!

On this week's episode of It Girl Radio our guest, New Zealand based Facebook ad expert Lucy McGregor, shares some key information about online marketing and some helpful tips for creating Facebook ads.

You don't want to miss this peek behind the scenes! Check out Episode 97 of It Girl Radio.

Key Takeaways

[1:36] Lucy talks about how she got started

[5:50] Lucy shares her opinion on the objections to using Facebook ads

[8:35] Lucy explains what constitutes a good ad

[16:02] Lucy discusses the value of targeting your ads well

[19:25] Lucy talks about the importance of a healthy investment mindset

[21:25] Lucy shares her perspective on whether or not to outsource Facebook ad management

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Key Insights

“A lot of people I think...think that marketing is sleazy and isn't useful or is a negative thing but, I wanted to be able to use my skills as a marketer to help make the world a better place”

“It's really helpful to design an ad that's going to stand out on the newsfeed because you want people to click on the ads you need to grab their attention and have it stand out”

“You've got the great offer, you've got the great graphics everything's looking good but, if you're not targeting it to the right people then your ad is probably gonna tank”

“Recognize that you're investing and then you're going to get a return on that investment”

“You have to be responsible for what you're bringing to the table”

“You need to ask yourself: Do I want to be working on my business or do I want to be working in my business?”

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