IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #96: How To Repair a Broken Funnel with Jessica Nazarali and Stephanie Wasylyk


If you have ever built a funnel, most likely you've run into a few hiccups on the way. Between managing things like analyzing your numbers, perfecting your copy, scheduling calls and handling objections, funnels can pose some real challenges. Jessica and Stephanie are no strangers to the challenges associated with building great funnels. In fact, their combined experience has provided them with a wealth of information on what to keep in mind as you are building a funnel the steps to take if you've created a funnel that's not working well.

On this episode of It Girl Radio we are discussing the intimate details of funnels. We're analyzing each step of the funnel process and breaking down what to look out for and how to troubleshoot a broken funnel.

Check out this weeks episode of It Girl Radio and delve deep into the data with Jessica and Stephanie.

Key Takeaways

[4:37] Stephanie talks about the importance of tracking your numbers

[7:00] Stephanie talks about client retention

[8:17] Jessica discusses the value of creating quality content

[9:49] Jessica talks about the key elements for the successful opt-ins

[15:33] Jessica discusses making sure the follow up details are completed

[20:00] Jessica shares about the importance of communication with your client

[22:00] Stephanie talks about the value of being clear with how you present discovery calls

[26:10] Jessica shares her insight on overcoming objections

[32:06] Jessica shares baseline numbers for your business

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Key Insights

“Know that regardless of whatever state your funnel is currently at or if you're just at the process of putting together a funnel it is normal for things to not be working and that's ok. It's a matter of tracking the numbers and then making changes and tweaks as needed”

“The reality is just because your funnel isn't working, it doesn't mean you're a failure, it doesn't mean you're business isn't going to be successful.

What it means probably, is a lot of steps in your funnel probably are working or could be working there may be just one point in the funnel which is broken and so everything else is off and if you make one change or a couple of changes, things would turn around”

“Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal client and think, would I click on that?”

“Remember that if you have a problem in the beginning of your funnel it's going to become an exponential problem by the end of your funnel so you really want to take care of problems in the beginning of your funnel because you'll have exponential rewards at the end of your funnel”

“You can be overly grateful to the person showing up for a call”

“Don't use an objection as a reason to end the conversation”