IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #95: From CEOs to Childbirth: Why Adaptability is a Key to Success with Jessica Nazarali and Alexia Leachman

Alexia Leachman

Fear often stands in the way of people pursuing their dreams but for our guest this week, Alexia Leachman, fear led to pursuing a dream she didn't even know she had. Alexia was a personal branding and mindset expert who brought new life to her career after enduring a huge challenge.

Alexia Leachman's life and business changed course when during her pregnancy, she realized that she had tokophobia, or the fear of childbirth.

With over a decade of business experience helping others overcome their fears, Alexia was no stranger to overcoming obstacles and she faced this one head on using her signature Head Trash Clearing method.

As she worked through her fear she fielded questions from expectant mothers and when the questions began to rapidly multiply she understood that there was a real demand for her insight.

Alexia responded to the demand by starting her podcast Free Free Childbirth and from there was launched into a brand new niche.

Check out this week's episode of It Girl Radio where we discuss Alexia journey and the importance of listening to your audience and being willing to adapt.

Key Takeaways

[3:05] Alexia talks about how she got started with coaching

[4:49] Alexia talks about Tokophobia, or the extreme fear of childbirth

[7:40] Alexia discusses the beginning of the podcast

[9:50] Alexia talks about the importance of trusting yourself and your process

[14:15] Alexia discusses the importance of listening to your audience and adjusting

[19:36] Alexia discusses her biggest business challenges thus far

[25:00] Jessica and Alexia discuss the importance of clearing your head trash

Key Insights

“If you don't believe in your own capability and your own vision for yourself then doing all the marketing and doing all the other stuff is just going to fall short”

“We don't need to necessarily always know where we're going but if we pay attention to what people are asking for or what people come to you and ask you about, that can be a great tool to know what direction to head in”

“It's about coping with the stress and the pressure and tapping into the positive aspects of stress.”

“These fears that we have effect us in every aspect of our's really worth dealing with your fears”

Show Notes

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Fear Fear Childbirth
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Fearless Birthing: Clear Your Fears for a Positive Birth
Clear Your Head Trash: How To Create Clarity, Peace & Confidence in Your Life & Work

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