IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #94: Beyond The Basics - Advanced Niche Marketing with Jessica Nazarali and Stephanie Wasylyk

Jessica Nazarali

What do you do? Who do you serve?

We're often tempted to give quick answers to these questions, but that is a mistake that leaves key business insights unacknowledged. Digging deep and discovering your unique answers to those two questions is essential.

This week on It Girl Radio we delve into niche and target marketing with my COO Stephanie Wasylyk!

We discuss how your relationship with niche marketing will evolve overtime, including some of the challenges we have encountered along the way.

From getting started to troubleshooting existing offers, going back to your niche and target market will often solve the issue.

Check out this week's episode and hear more about the do and don'ts of niche marketing - for beginner and advanced business owners!

Key Takeaways

[2:10] Stephanie shares how she defines niche and target market

[4:15] Stephanie discusses the problem with being too general

[5:02] Stephanie talks about the two biggest mistake she sees in clients who are having trouble with niche marketing

[10:55] Jessica shares the most valuable information to disclose prior to target research interviews

[15:15] Stephanie talks about her take on the myth that you can only have one niche

[18:49] Jess gives a recent example of how niche and target marketing has been beneficial for her business

[20:03] Jess Summarizes how to get it right

Key Insights

“It's getting really clear on what it is that you do and who specifically you help so that you can put your marketing efforts towards one specific type of person as opposed to the whole world”

“The more specific you can be the fewer questions your prospect is going to have, which is always a good thing”

“Something I hear people say as to why they don't do this is “well I don't know anyone who fits this description of my target market and that's a red flag right there.”

“I find when people are in that fear mode, they're not in problem solving mode”

“The thing is with a don't hear people's voice and there's no room for nuances”

Show Notes

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