IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #93: Why You Should Make Bold Choices with Lorraine Murphy

Lorraine Murphy

“What sets your soul on fire?” That is the question that has driven our guest, Lorraine Murphy, throughout her career. Lorraine shares with us how she started the talent agency, The Remarkables Group as well as why she decided to walk away from it all. In this episode of It Girl Radio, Lorraine and I have a conversation about big decisions and what informs them.

Lorraine is refreshingly frank as she discusses the dangers of getting stuck in a rut and the deep joy that she has found as a mentor. She also takes us through her writing process for Remarkability and Get Remarkably Orgainised.

If you are feeling stuck, or bored this is the episode for you. Lorraine is disarmingly open and honest and her perspective is sure to light a fire in you. Check her out on this week's episode and get inspired!

Key Takeaways

[2:14] Lorraine shares how she got started in business

[4:30] Lorraine talks about mentorship

[7:25] Lorraine talks about her writing process

[9:42] Lorraine talks about her time in Bali

[15:00] Jess talks about making big decisions

[15:20] Lorraine shares her process for making big decisions

[19:48] Lorraine's advice to entrepreneurial women

Key Insights

“I just feel when I'm mentoring someone or groups I just feel like I'm in exactly the right place and the right time with the right people and I feel I'm just channeling something bigger than me”

“If I'm gonna be pumping milk...I'm going to be away from my baby six to eight hours a day it needs to be for the soul on fire stuff and nothing else is quite going to cut it”

“I made a list for myself in November and I started it at the top of my notebook and I said 'What my life could be like...' and I filled the page with different points and one of those points was to go on a spiritual journey”

“You don't just immediately press stop and straight away you're blissing out”

“Indecision is a decision as well”

“If I don't do this now...when will I do it?”

Show Notes

Lorraine Murphy
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