IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #92: Making Order Out of Chaos - The Beauty of Embracing Change with Stephanie Wasylyk & Jessica Nazarali

Jessica & Stephanie

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes with the It Girl programs? We decided to do something special and pull back the veil for this episode of It Girl Radio. In this episode I am joined by my COO Stephanie Wasylyk. We discuss what trends we see in the coaching world among clients, how to handle internal and external resistance, as well as welcome Stephanie to the podcast as a future co host!

That's right, we're switching things up here at It Girl Radio. Stephanie will be joining us as my co-host when we don't have a guest. She'll be weighing in on topics with a fresh perspective informed by her role as a coach and my right hand woman!

On this episode, Stephanie shares how she moved from working in a mine to health coaching and on to becoming a COO. She shares how her motto “order out of chaos” has guided her as she moved from one adventure to another. Check out this week's episode and join the conversation in the comments below![/cs_text][cs_text]

Key Takeaways

[2:48] Stephanie talks about her background

[6:45] Stephanie discusses the Number One concern for clients

[10:35] Stephanie shares her perspective on the benefits of laser coaching

[13:42] Jessica shares the one decision that will change the way you approach your business

[15:00] Stephanie talks about breaking the status quo

[16:00] Jessica talks about dealing with her own internal resistance

[18:42] Stephanie discusses how to deal with external and internal resistance

[20:42] Jessica talks about how being a perfectionist can harm your business

[22:40] Jessica discusses how feeling overwhelmed can keep you trapped

[26:53] Stephanie talks about how she's handled being overwhelmed

[29:35] Stephanie talks about the importance of time management

Key Insights

“And we all know that the perfect time never comes. There's never a perfect time to start a business...a perfect time to do anything really. It's a matter of well, this is the time I have and I'm only living this life once and the time to take action is now”

“But using overwhelm as an excuse to not move forward, or piling your schedule and making your life really busy so that you can't take action, the result is you stay where you are and some part of you probably wants you to stay where you are.”

“That is a massive reason people don't get what they're after, because the story in their head is holding them back.”

Show Notes

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