IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #91: Making Crazy Ideas Work and Blazing Your Own Trail With Shannah Game

Jessica Nazarali

Do you find yourself unsure of what your next step should be? Don’t think you have what it takes to fulfill your dreams? Maybe you feel you are too different to fit in? Proclaiming herself as a born entrepreneur, Shannah Game is a Certified Financial Planner with a media background. Shannah is the queen of all things unconventional – she founded the United States’ first ever national student film festival when she was in college. At twenty years old, she sold it and began a career in the financial services industry. Now, she is among the most influential online voices on money matters.

In this episode, Shannah shares with us her journey from being a young entrepreneur to an established professional in her own league. After selling her film festival to big Hollywood producers, Shannah had no idea what to do next. She ventured into financial services with her father and found a way to merge her creativity with her financial expertise.

Shannah helps you determine what makes you unique. She helps you understand that it’s okay to not always know what to do next – your path is yours to define. Success is yours to define. What can you bring to the table?

Key Takeaways

[01:57] Shannah talks about what inspired her to begin her journey of fulfilling her dreams

[03:52] Being fearless and Shannah’s big idea

[08:30] Starting over

[10:45] Merging Shannah’s creativity and financial expertise

[11:49] What Shannah learned from her father

[13:30] The rise of Shannah’s online presence

[16:00] What to do with the money that you make

[17:25] Women’s mindset about money

[18:12] Shannah’s advice to women about money

[19:50] Demystifying money myths

[20:35] Shannah talks about the television show she is currently pitching

[23:25] Top tip for entrepreneurs

[25:18] Staying in your own lane

Key Insights

“If you have a crazy idea that you feel has been gifted to you, just go for it! Or at least try to feel it out to a point where you are fearless.”

“If you can get the right mindset – if you can really do the work of getting rid of the crap that is not serving you well, is not helping your business grow, is not helping you do what you want to do with your finances, if you can’t get rid of that it’s hard to really move forward.”

“I can give you all the tools in the toolkit; I can give you all the financial tools that you need but without the mindset piece, the toolkit is just going to sit there.”

“There isn’t a model for what my career looks like, and that’s okay. There doesn’t have to be a model – you can create the model or make it look like however you want it to look like.”

“Don’t spend so much time trying to craft your business or your idea against somebody else’s.”

Show Notes

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