IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #89: Brand Building With Jennifer Kem - The 4 Pillars of a Successful Brand

Jennifer Kem

When I say the word brand, what pops into your mind? What do you associate the word with? Your logo? Your font choices? The colour scheme you chose meticulously?! I asked marketing expert Jennifer Kem the same questions in this week’s episode of It Girl Radio, and she responded, “Your brand is much more than a gorgeous face on the internet.”

A lot of people equate the term with graphics and design. While it’s true that aesthetic aspects are part of the branding process, it is not limited to it. There really is more to branding than a company’s visual appeal.

Jenn (who has been in businesses for over a decade) shares what branding means and help us to build a brand system that is scalable, one we can continue to develop through the years.

It starts with understanding the four pillars of branding: archetype, audience, aesthetics, and activation.

Success didn’t happen overnight for Jenn’s businesses. She started in retail. She owned and ran a chain of successful stores in Hawaii, but she had to close them all down because of the 2008 economic crisis.

Despite her setbacks, Jenn strived harder to make better businesses, profitable ones. And since then, she has never stopped. She still uses the same branding framework for her three successful businesses. She also teaches it to her clients.

If you want to create a brand that’s compelling and profitable, tune in to this week’s episode of It Girl Radio.

Key Takeaways

[00:24] Jessica introducer her guest – Jennifer Kem

[02:47] Jenn shares how she started out as an entrepreneur

[07:20] What happened to Jenn’s retail stores?

[09:50] How did Jenn start the businesses she has today?

[17:02] Jenn defines what a brand is

[17:39] Jenn explains the four pillars of branding

[23:35] Should the framework be carried out in a particular order?

[26:33] Jenn shares their free brand archetype quiz

[27:40] Jess wraps up

Key Insights

“What’s becoming more relevant is: you have to have that mix of both offline and online touch because brands are not about making products or services – they’re about how you make people feel. And people then choose to trust you to solve their problems with their products and services.”

“Your brand is much more than a gorgeous face on the internet.”

“A brand is about making your business make your prospects and your customers feel a certain way that you designed on purpose.”

Show Notes

Jennifer Kem
Jenn Kem’s free brand archetype quiz