IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #88: The Myth of The Nice Girl - How to Conquer the World of Business With Kindness

Fran Hauser

“How can you be so nice and still be successful?” It’s a question that long-time media executive Fran Hauser has encountered time and time again. That question is the reason why she penned The Myth of the Nice Girl, a book that proves nice girls can finish first. This week on It Girl Radio, Fran will share her business journey. She reveals the most important lesson she picked up along the way. And of course, she will tell us more about her book such as the inspiration behind it.

Fran has worked for some of the biggest names in the digital media realm. She has held senior positions at companies like People, InStyle, and Entertainment Weekly. Fran was born in Italy, but when she was only two years old, their family moved all the way to New York City. It’s where it all started. There, she was introduced to the world of business.

Fran’s parents were both entrepreneurs. They barely spoke English, so they relied heavily on her to perform crucial business endeavors. You’d be surprised with what she was capable of when she was in first grade. Perhaps the most important lesson she learned from that experience was from her mother, who taught her that kindness and strength go hand in hand. It’s a lesson that she is now teaching countless women around the world.

Find out why niceness is a strength you want to have by tuning in to It Girl Radio.

Key Takeaways

[00:26] Jessica introduces her guest – Fran Hauser

[02:00] How did Fran’s upbringing influence her career?

[04:07] What was it like for Fran when she realized she was working for herself?

[07:47] Fran shares why she decided to write The Myth of the Nice Girl

[11:10] Fran discusses what her book contains

[12:48] What mistakes have Fran made when it comes to being too nice?

[18:27] Fran shares how readers can get their hands on the book

[18:41] Jess wraps up

Key Insights

“You don’t have to choose between kindness and strength.”

“When people picture a successful leader, they picture someone smart, tough, competitive and demanding. But I also want people to picture someone who is kind. Everything that we’re going through in our culture, with the #MeToo movement, I think everyone’s craving for a more human-style of leadership. That’s really what the book is about.”

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