IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #87: Community Management Secrets with Diana Tower


There’s still quite a lot of confusion surrounding community management and what the role entails. That’s why this week on It Girl Radio, I’m bringing in community engagement consultant to A-list entrepreneurs Diana Tower to clear things up. Joining me in this week’s workshop-style podcast is an expert on community management, who has worked with a handful of heavy hitters in the business world, including Selena Soo, our very first guest on the podcast.

Diana will be teaching us how to build and manage an engaged online community. We will also be learning the best practices for addressing potentially brand-damaging problems.

Much of the confusion in community management revolves around the role of the manager. Many believe that the job only involves handling the negative issues that pop up in the community. That is not true at all.

The manager also creates engagement posts, anything that the members value and that can get them to connect with each other. Getting the community to engage, according to Diana, is the primary role of the manager.

Perhaps the most important advice that she gave was to set clear and well-defined guidelines before starting a community. This way, members know when they are overstepping boundaries. It also makes it easier for you, and even less awkward, when you’re informing a member about their unacceptable behaviour.

In such cases, Diana believes that it’s best if managers keep the posts or the thread visible to the entire community. Deleting it would only make people question what the brand is doing to address the issue.

To find out more about the process of confrontation, get your pen and paper ready and tune into the episode to start the workshop.


[00:57] Jessica Nazarali introduces guest – Diana Tower

[02:03] Diana shares how she started her own business

[04:00] Diana discusses what community management is about

[11:28] Jessica and Diana discuss the importance of establishing guidelines for the community

[18:23] Diana recommends setting guidelines for the host

[22:00] Does Diana handle free Facebook groups?

[35:00] Diana gives her final words of advice, shares freebies


“I think that’s a huge misconception – that community management is getting involved – where it’s actually just facilitating connection. That’s one aspect in terms of engaging.”

“As a community manager, your job is damage control.”

“For the community, the idea is to get people to engage with each other. Unless you’re providing direct coaching, you don’t want to be replying to every single tag or question because you want other people to jump in.”

“It’s a blending of coaching and community, and you really do need to separate it. Community is for people to connect with each other, and coaching is where you can actually go in and help people.”


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