IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #86: Julie Parker – Spirituality in Business

Julie Parker

Spirituality does belong in business. Long-time coach and modern-day priestess Julie Parker is proof of that. By integrating the element of spirituality into her coaching business, she has certainly made it thrive. This week on It Girl Radio, founder of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and the Priestess Temple School Julie Parker shares how she came to embrace her spirituality and how she let her spiritual beliefs power her businesses.

Contrary to what most people think, the coaching industry has been around for more than five years. It has actually been around for at least two decades. Julie has been a part of this industry long before social media even existed.

In this episode, Julie talks about how the landscape of the industry has evolved through the years. She points out the positive changes as well as the undesirable ones, which we all must strive to avoid.

We also explore how spirituality fits in business. Julie recounts how she found her path as a modern-day priestess. She shares how terrifying yet freeing it was to finally tell the public about it.

More importantly, she narrates how allowing her spiritual beliefs to fuel her business helped her create a space that’s authentic and profitable.

Do you want to know more about spirituality in business? Tune into this week’s episode of It Girl Radio.

Key Takeaways

[00:35] Jessica introduces her guest – Julie Parker

[01:45] Julie shares how she started her business and got into coaching

[03:45] What are the positive and negative changes in the coaching industry?

[09:30] What has been Julie’s biggest lesson from working with many coaches?

[12:07] Julie talks about her journey of spiritual awakening

[14:42] What was it like for Julie when she went more public about her spirituality?

[17:57] Julie talks about how her Coaching Academy and the Priestess Temple School are integrated

[19:02] What does Julie have in store for both her businesses?

[20:26] What is covered in the Priestess Temple School?

[22:44] Jessica wraps up

Key Insights

“We know that if our business doesn’t serve us and what we love to do, and who we love to serve, it’s not going to be sustainable or successful.”

“When people undertake a course together in a space that is very warmly, beautifully and tightly helmed, where everyone is seen, valued and honoured for who they are and what they bring to their learning, and their emerging talents as a course, but also that they are encouraged to be a part of a collective that genuinely supports each other, works together, doesn’t see one another as competition . . . creates a movement”

Show Notes

Julie Parker’s Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Julie Parker’s Priestess Temple School

Julie Parker’s The Priestess Podcast