IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #85: Jessica Rodriguez – When to Let Go and Start Over

Jessica Rodriguez

When was the last time you took a hard look at all the projects and offers your business is currently running? This is hard for any entrepreneur. Letting go of projects that are no longer aligned with the company’s goals often feels like you’re admitting defeat and failure.

That might be hard to do, but letting go and moving on is essential if you want your business to thrive.

This week on It Girl Radio, we will be delving into the art of letting go with business and visibility strategist Jessica Rodriguez. Based on her own experiences of shutting down business and terminating offers, she explains how essential the process was for her brand’s growth.

Jess shares three important questions that she asks herself when she’s evaluating if a project is worth keeping. These are:

* Is it heavy or light?

* Is it giving me a return on my investment and or time?

* Is it truly serving my ideal clients?

Jessica used to juggle four jobs before she entered the world of business. Now, she is a full-time lifestyle entrepreneur, and she has run three successful businesses within six years.

Having the power to say no to projects that only consumed all their resources, energy, and time is what enabled her to stay on top of her game through the years. [/cs_text][cs_text]

Key Takeaways

[00:29] Jess introduces her guest – Jessica Rodriguez

[02:16] Jessica Rodriguez shares how she became an entrepreneur

[05:52] Why wasn’t Jessica happy about her growing business?

[07:30] How did she deal with the problem?

[09:00] Jessica Rodriguez shares three questions that help her identify if her business needs restructuring

[14:30] What is working for her business today?

[17:45] Jessica Rodriguez shares her husband’s role in the business

[26:23] Wrap up

Key Insights

“I started to put everything against these three questions, and I started realizing how quickly within the past few years and how much faster this business has grown than any other business I had is because I am so willing, at this point, to put something out into the world, try it.”

“If it’s feeling great, awesome. We love it. Let’s double down on that. If not, I want to cut it as fast as possible because it’s just going to pull from my time. It’s going to pull from my energy, and it’s going to distract me from where it is I am heading.”

“It isn’t until we’re willing to let go of what’s no longer serving us and be okay with the fact that, “hey, at one point, it worked,” at this point, it doesn’t. Or maybe it never did – you have to admit that in order to really grow this business for myself.”

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