IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #68: 8 Trends for 2018 with Jessica Nazarali


Happy 2018, everyone! What does this brand new year hold for us? What are some of the trends that we’re going to be seeing in 2018? On this episode of It Girl Radio, I’m sharing some of the marketing and business trends I predict for the upcoming year. My top trends for 2018: 1. People are willing to pay more for more contact from you. 2. Network marketing businesses are becoming more and more popular amongst people with online businesses. 3. Facebook advertising will become more expensive, so you need to diversify to other avenues of bringing in leads. 4. Content will be king. 5. The ‘rags to riches’ story will not be as impactful as it used to be. 6. Overly glamorous pictures in marketing are going to be less popular. 7. Launches are getting tired. Evergreen marketing is the future! 8. The phone sale will make a comeback!

Staying prepared for what the future holds is key to running a successful business. Tune in to this episode to find out more about these trends and how you can capitalize on them to improve your marketing efforts and keep your business growing in 2018!


[:53] 2018 is almost here! What does the next year hold? [1:12] People are willing to pay more for more contact from you. [2:38] More and more people with online businesses are joining a network marketing business. Why? [5:08] Facebook advertising looks to be more expensive. What other avenues can you turn to, to bring in leads? [5:34] Content is going to be king in 2018. [6:51] The rags to riches stories are getting old! There’s usually no ‘one thing’ that turns your life around. [9:41] Another trend that Jessica predicts will end in 2018 is using overly glamorous pictures in marketing. [11:15] Launches are getting tired. Think about shifting to evergreen marketing systems instead. [12:29] Jessica’s final trend prediction for 2018: The phone sale will make a comeback. [13:16] What are your predictions for trends in 2018? Share them with Jessica on her Instagram page!

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“What really makes [online courses] special is when people have access to you.”

“It makes sense to diversify!”

“It’s good to have multiple products at multiple price points to appeal to different people.”

“Content is going to be king in 2018, more and more.”


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