IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #63: It’s All About Spice


On this episode of It Girl Radio, my guest is Nagina Abdullah, the founder of and Spice Yourself Skinny. After going through her own weight loss transformation, based on spices rather than starving herself, or working out for hours, Nagina started her health coaching business. Her personal success enabled her to attract and grow a successful one-on-one practice, but when she transitioned into a group program with emails and webinars, not one person signed up. Despite her initial failure, with some tweaks, she was able to find the right positioning and launched the same program under a different name four months later — to incredible success.

Nagina and I discuss the difference between group programs and one-on-one coaching, and Nagina also shares her insights about what it takes to generate an annual 6-figure revenue business. Higher prices are not the only way to get higher revenue! Nagina has some great advice for entrepreneurs that will help boost your productivity and creativity as well.

This episode is perfect if you’re a coach or desire to be a coach — Nagina’s career and the lessons she’s learned will surely be very useful to you. Nagina also has a special gift for you, so be sure to tune in!


[:25] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Nagina Abdulla.

[2:21] What inspired Nagina to start health coaching?

[6:32] What are the secret spices in Nagina’s recipes?

[11:16] Nagina has been running her business for about three years. What does her business look like today?

[15:37] How is Nagina’s business structured in terms of launches?

[17:25] Nagini and Jessica discuss their insights about the kind of results people get in one-on-one vs. group settings.

[19:13] What is Nagina’s price point? Nagina and Jessica discuss how pricing can affect revenue in a business — you don’t necessarily need to have higher prices to have higher revenue.

[21:55] What are Nagina’s favorite ways to build her list?

[26:57] What are Nagina’s key tips for entrepreneurs to be successful in the health and wellness space?

[32:38] Nagina has a special gift for It Girl Radio listeners! Check out her website for the Sweet Spice Cheat Sheet!


“Something needed to change. I needed to change something because I just didn’t feel like myself.”

“I coached over 60 women in about a year and a half.”

“What you eat is 80% of your transformation, 80% of being at the weight that you want.”

“People actually get amazing results in group settings, even more, sometimes, than one-on-one coaching.”

“Another thing that has worked really well for me is writing really amazing content on my blog and using SEO.”

“Preparing ahead of time is very, very important to managing your energy for the week.”


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