IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #62: The Power of Your Words


On this episode of It Girl Radio, my guest is Mary Shores, the author of Conscious Communications: A Step-by-Step Guide to Harnessing the Power of Your Words to Change Your Mind, Your Choices and Your Life, published by Hayhouse. Mary has experienced several personal tragedies in her life but has chosen not to let these events define her, by being conscious of the words that she uses and the messages she projects.

Mary’s story is a powerful and inspiring one. As entrepreneurs, we sometimes get caught up in drama or stress, but we also have the power to change the narratives of our stories, through the words we use. Mary shares some of her techniques to help you reframe your story, and her three-step process for tackling problems.

Mary and I discuss how important it is to choose your words carefully, as your words are the difference between strengthening a relationship or creating a disconnect. Eliminating certain words from your vocabulary can also help activate the right response in your clients.

If you’re going through some difficult times, and need some guidance on how to move on, this powerful episode will surely inspire you. Tune in for Mary’s advice on how you can harness the power of your words to rewrite your story!


[:25] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Mary Shores.

[1:55] What made Mary decide to write her book, Conscious Communications?

[5:09] What was the turning point for Mary that made her realize that her words have an impact and that she needs to be mindful of what she’s putting out in the world?

[7:18] Mary started her first business when she was 24. What made her decide to start her business?

[10:18] What are some of the words or phrases Mary uses to encourage people to feel good?

[11:57] How long has the book been in making? Mary shares her journey of what it took to bring the book to life, and her transformation in the process.

[15:30] Mary has experienced some personal tragedies. How can others who are similarly going through difficult times use Mary’s principles to recover from that?

[19:08] Mary shares a three-step process for dealing with difficult situations.

[25:18] How has Mary’s book impacted people’s lives? Mary has some anecdotes and personal stories.

[27:47] How much of your story should you be sharing? How can you achieve a balance between being stuck in a story from the past, and helping others by sharing that story?

[30:15] What are some steps someone who has a lot of emotional charge toward a particular story in their past can take to release that? Mary has some tools for reframing your story.

[32:32] Mary has a Conscious Communications Guidebook, and a Facebook Group, Fearless Ambition, that you can be a part of!


“The words you speak are a mirror to your subconscious.”

“Our words that we say are constantly reinforcing that neural network in our brain.”

“Every word you say is either going to strengthen a relationship, or it’s going to drive a disconnection.”

“There are lots of things that cause a feeling of unworthiness or shame, and those are the things that keep us stuck.”

“True transformation happens in small pivots over time.”

“The most beautiful part of your story is when you figure out how to move on.”

“Talk about your triumphs more than your tragedies.”

“The choices you make are what shape your life forever.”


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