IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #60: Face-­to­-Face is the Future


On this episode of It Girl Radio, my guest is Jaclyn Carlson, Global Product Manager at Mamamia Women’s Network, Australia’s largest independent women’s website. She is also the Director of Blog Society, a vibrant community of bloggers and creative entrepreneurs. Jaclyn shares how she was inspired to start Blog Society after feeling disconnected from her community and noticing a similar trend in the women around her. Jaclyn also shares why she believes face-to-face interactions are the way to set yourself and your business apart. Jaclyn’s latest endeavor is expanding Blog Society to include doTERRA Essential Oils as part of its offering. It wasn’t a decision that came easily for her, and Jaclyn and I discuss how we both faced our fears, concerns, and hesitations about embarking in network marketing. It is easy to make excuses and hide behind other commitments, but if you want to make a change in your life, you have to take that leap of faith.

DoTERRA and network marketing is a lot cooler and more fun than you would imagine, and it is definitely a business that can work for you. Regardless of if you’re just starting out, or looking to add a revenue stream to your existing business, you need to believe in the product and stand firmly behind what you’re doing.

If you're feeling scared to try something new, or if you're interested in how to merge doTERRA with your current brand, business or work experience, you will love this week’s episode! Tune in for more!


[:24] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Jaclyn Carlson.

[2:20] What is the Blog Society, and why did Jaclyn decide to start it?

[4:29] Jaclyn is expanding Blog Society into a new area and adding a new revenue stream to her business. Why did she feel called to do that?

[6:57] Jaclyn believes that the marketing world is headed into an era of more face-to-face connections and away from hiding behind screens. How did she arrive at that conclusion?

[8:29] What really makes business owners stand out from the rest is the personal touch that they offer their clients to go the extra mile, be it through group calls or live meetups. Jessica and Jaclyn discuss how this also helps to emphasize your brand.

[9:58] Jaclyn and Jessica were both hesitant about joining doTERRA. What were some of Jaclyn’s concerns about joining a network marketing business?

[13:05] Jessica talks about how so many people get stuck in the analysis paralysis phase and don’t ever take the leap of faith. Jaclyn shares how demystifying her concerns helped her to take that leap.

[15:05] When Jaclyn decided to expand and add doTERRA to her offerings, how did she make that announcement, and deal with the fears surrounding making that announcement?

[18:09] Jessica shares her own perspective of how she has dealt with her own fears to combat naysayers. The key is truly believing in the product, and standing firmly behind what you're doing.

[21:25] What kind of support do people get when they join doTERRA?

[23:39] One of the main reasons why Jessica joined doTERRA is because she felt her products at the time weren’t catering to her entire community. DoTERRA fills the gap by catering to women who are looking to start their own business but don’t yet have a product to sell. Jaclyn shares her similar experience.

[27:22] Many people who are hesitant about joining doTERRA use time as an excuse. Jaclyn talks about her experience of using time as an excuse when it was really fear that was holding her back.

[31:48] Jessica and Jaclyn are on the same team and are looking to grow their doTERRA team to a global one while making a difference to other women’s physical and financial health.

[34:04] DoTERRA is breaking the traditional stigma of networking marketing. Jaclyn and Jessica discuss how it’s possible to leverage your talents and skill sets, both online and offline, in network marketing. [37:34] What are the steps to take if you are interested in joining doTERRA?

“There’s a huge shift happening right now, where women are feeling disconnected.”

“Women crave connection. Women crave meeting and connecting with people like themselves.”

“There's nothing that can strengthen a relationship like a face-to-face conversation.”

“Nothing will help elevate your brand and grow your business like when people get to know you.”

“The disconnect … comes down to our perception around what network marketing is.”

“For me, fear is always an indicator of growth ... if something is making you afraid, it’s a sign to go for it.”


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