IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #59: The Business of Birth


On this episode of It Girl Radio, my guest is my doula, Erika Elliott. I found my birth to be an incredibly empowering experience and I want to share with you about that experience. Having Erika around through the pregnancy really helped me to prepare for the type of birth that I wanted to experience and she supported me through the birthing process. Erika and I discuss why how you birth can greatly impact your confidence, self-esteem, and impact you for better or for worse. It is so important that we prepare and have the right support around us, and a doula is really your ally in the birthing process who makes sure your wishes are respected and your voice is heard within the system. Choosing people you feel confident and comfortable with to be on your birthing team is also crucial.

We also talk about how mindset plays a huge part, not only in overcoming the challenges we face in birth, but also the challenges we face in business and life. Let go of control and realize that sometimes, you can’t control the timeframe — you just have to let things happen when they will. Finally, Erika wraps up this episode with some insight on how she sustains her business purely based on referrals.

This episode is perfect for those of you who are pregnant and thinking about the type of birth you want to have, or if you’re just curious about how a doula makes for a more empowering birth experience. Tune in to find out more about the magic a doula works behind the scenes.


[:24] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode, her doula, Erika Elliott.

[4:25] What inspired Erika to become a doula? Erika shares her journey of becoming a doula.

[11:23] Why is it important for a woman to think about the type of birth that she wants to have and be prepared for it?

[14:53] Doulas play a big part in ensuring that the wishes of the birthing mother are respected and that she’s fully supported throughout the process.

[16:09] Jessica shares her experience of being in pre-labor for three days, and how having Erika as an ally was very helpful.

[19:25] Jessica found that mindset played a huge part in keeping it together through the birthing process and this can be related to the challenges in business and life in general.

[23:17] What are some key pieces of advice or tips that Erika has for pregnant women who are preparing for birth?

[28:25] The birth process is important but don’t forget to prepare for the postnatal period, as well. Erika talks about some of the changes that happen after the new arrival.

[32:59] Erika doesn’t have a website as all her business is referral based. How can she sustain her business purely on referrals and without having to look for more clients?


“Clearly, it was apparent to other people as well that I have that calming, supportive, maternal nature around me.”

“[Birth] was a pretty transformative and spiritual time.”

“I feel really blessed every time I attend and support couples as they move through this incredible experience.”

“A doula is like a Sherpa for birth. We’re just there to be your ally.”

“It’s not so much about the outcome. It’s about the whole experience from beginning to end.”

“That’s how we work together, as a team.”

“Each labor brings the lessons that you’re going to need to parent that child.” — Jane Hardwick

“It’s really important that you feel confident and comfortable with the people that you’ve chosen to birth with.”

“Don’t put all your eggs in the birth basket. Save some for the post-natal period.”


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