IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #58: Creating Financial and Emotional Abundance with doTERRA


On this episode of It Girl Radio, my guest is Alice Nicholls, Founder of Natural and Empowered. Alice has experienced not one, but two career changes in her lifetime. From working at LinkedIn to being an entrepreneur, to being involved in network marketing with doTERRA Essential Oils - Alice has done it all. Alice shares why she believes network marketing is essentially similar to corporate sales, only better. Alice only joined doTERRA last year in June, but she has already achieved the rank of Blue Diamond Leader, the 2nd highest rank within doTERRA.

She and her team are aiming to reach the highest rank within the organization, Presidential Diamonds, by November 31st, 2017. Alice shares with us her secrets to achieving such great success in a short amount of time, and how she is contributing back to the organization to help others achieve similar successes.

My experiences with doTERRA had been limited to two occasions, but I recently came across it as a business opportunity and was amazed by it. It is a powerful opportunity for women who don't have a product to sell and are looking to add an additional residual income strain into their business. It is the perfect, risk-free way to create financial abundance in your life so that you are free to pursue your passions.

Are you looking to add an additional, residual income strain to your business, or are you simply interested in finding out how doTERRA Essential Oils can benefit you? Tune in to hear more about an essential oil company who has created a cult-like following and how you can be a part of it!


[:20] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Alice Nicholls.

[1:10] Jessica talks about her experiences with doTERRA Essential Oils as a business opportunity. You can connect with Jessica and Alice to work with them in this capacity!

[3:00] What was it like for Alice to make the different switches in her career?

[7:35] Alice discusses the key differences between selling in a large corporation and her current experience with doTERRA.

[11:51] Alice and her team are currently aiming for the highest rank within the doTERRA business, despite not having been in the business for long. What has contributed to her success?

[18:25] The doTERRA business model is perfect for anyone and has a great amount of inbuilt support for people who need that structure. Alice explains how she is contributing to that to help other women achieve their successes.

[22:32] Jessica shares how she got started in the doTERRA business, and how it fills the need of catering to women for whom Jessica’s current offerings aren’t suitable.

[24:55] Alice reminds us about an important fact — this incredible financial abundance that’s available is NOT abnormal. As human beings, we are destined for greatness!

[27:07] If you are interested in co-creating a beautiful business for yourself with Jessica and Alice, it is incredibly easy to get started, and there are no downsides!

[31:57] Alice shares a story about how she’s spending $35,000 on a referral this week.

[34:47] Alice and Jessica invite you to gift yourself the opportunity to experience doTERRA oils by simply visiting the website.

[38:33] The doTERRA business isn’t just a business — it’s changing lives and supporting people’s health and well-being, while also giving yourself that financial freedom to pursue your passions.

[39:49] Alice leaves us with some final inspirational words.


“For me, coming from the corporate world and being in a sales role … doTERRA isn’t different from that.”

“There’s a lot of soul lacking from a lot of those historical business models.”

“[doTERRA knows] the best people to deliver the message are those who are getting a great experience, not an … agency.”

“Every single day I’ve done something, and that’s the most important thing.”

“You’re not forced to monetize your passion and projects anymore.”

“You are destined for this, and destined for greatness, and leadership, and abundance.”


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