IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #56: Maintaining Productivity Post-Pregnancy with Jessica Nazarali


I’ve also had to balance my business with being a new mother, something which I’ve been able to accomplish through outsourcing and delegating. This whole process has forced me to be more laser-focused and productive when I have time to get work done. Having a team that I trust, and remaining flexible throughout, have also helped me keep my business going. For those of you who are pregnant, or about to give birth, I have some advice to keep your business running smoothly through this transition period, so be sure to tune in!


[1:06] What have been Jessica’s biggest surprises since having baby Leo? [2:53] Who did Jessica speak with to help her overcome the challenges she faced in breastfeeding? Jessica shares some of the strategies she used to help herself through this difficult time. [4:58] How is Jessica managing her new baby and her business at the same time? [6:28] Jessica has delegated some of her tasks to other people on her team to juggle motherhood and her business. What is her process for managing all the moving parts? [9:54] What does Jessica’s day look like? [13:53] How has Jessica’s productivity changed from the later stages of her pregnancy, when she was super productive, and now? [17:10] What is Jessica’s advice for women who are about to give birth, in terms of things to prepare or be aware of, before the baby comes? [21:15] Book your complimentary offering assessment with Jessica and her team at

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“If you set short-term goals, it seems a lot more achievable and doable.”

“I think something great about having a baby is it really forces you to be laser-focused.”

“When you have good people, you have more confidence outsourcing and delegating things.”

“If you have more time, things take more time.”


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