IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #55: Expressing Your Most Authentic Self In Business


Today, Jia Ni is a business and life coach who is following her passion, helping others be their best selves, and create a business in line with their most authentic selves. Jia Ni and I discuss the importance of understanding who you are and what you stand for. Your core and your values come from within, and once you have that discernment about yourself, you can build the business and life you’ve always wanted. It is easy to give up your power and energy to various external factors, but taking your energy back yourself is key. Jia Ni shares some tips and exercises to get clear on who you are, what your power is, and how to take it back for yourself — so you can be the best version of yourself.

This episode is perfect for you if you need some inspiration about how to regain your power and reclaim what you stand for. Tune in to learn from Jia Ni’s experiences and expert coaching strategies!


[:21] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Jia Ni Teo. [1:00] Jessica shares a story about how she manifested Jia Ni to Sydney. [2:09] How did Jia Ni end up in the coaching industry? [5:00] How far into vet school was Jia Ni when she realized that she wanted to pursue coaching instead? [6:20] Did Jia Ni know immediately that she wanted to go into coaching, or was there a period of uncertainty and contemplation? [8:03] Jia Ni’s own journey of realization required a lot of courage and commitment to her being her best self. She shares how this has helped her coach her clients on their journeys. [8:58] How does Jia Ni recommend that people stand out and differentiate themselves from the other coaches or online personalities? [11:47] How can someone get clear on who they are and what their power is so that they attract people to themselves? Jia Ni shares some areas in your life where you may have given up your power, and how you can regain that control again. [17:18] Jia Ni shares her personal experience with a client who makes much better progress in her coaching sessions because of her clarity and discernment about who she is and what her power is. [20:01] Jessica reflects on her own experience working with people who do not have a solid sense of who they are or what they stand for. [22:03] What are some steps someone can take to address the issue and regain control and power in their lives, once they have identified the areas in which they’re giving their power away? [26:16] Jia Ni shares three ways you can identify your core and your values. Remember, it comes from within, so start there. [30:25] Jessica shares a personal anecdote about her client. It is important not to get caught up in getting things perfectly as they are set out, but taking them and making them work for you. [32:01] What does being an It Girl mean to Jia Ni? it girl radioit girl radio

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“There was something inside me that was really passionate, really committed to me being my best self.”

“It felt like if I [continued my degree], it would be betraying my soul in some way.”

“It was the first time that I said no to my family, and said yes to myself.”

“There is no complex secret. It's not as complex as you think, it's not complicated.”

“It’s really about taking your energy back to yourself.”

“Once you’re aware, you can decide, and that’s the power in the decision. Then, everything changes.”

“The more clear and aware you are of what isn’t you … then you are able to hear more of what is you.”


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