IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #52: Self-Love Is the Cornerstone of Your Success


After having that epiphany, Katie felt the need to share this message with others. She started coaching from a place of wanting to help and inspire people, and it felt good to her. Her business today, The School of Self Love, is the result of the beautiful evolution of Katie’s journey about something she’s passionate about. Self-love is self-responsibility, and Katie and I discuss why self-love really is the cornerstone to your business and personal success. Katie also shares about the difficulties of marketing a business with an intangible product, and some of her tips for promoting her business.

This episode is perfect for you if you’re wondering if you really know yourself and are true to yourself, or if you run a service-based business and are looking for some tips on how to promote your business. Katie has some great advice on both of these fronts, so be sure to tune in!


[:20] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Katie Phillips. [:48] Tune in next week for a personal update from Jessica! [1:40] Katie coaches on the topic of self-love. How does she put a dollar figure to something that is intangible? [3:30] Did Katie always know that she wanted to be an entrepreneur? [4:27] Where did Katie’s journey begin? [7:16] How did Katie go about her journey of self-discovery? What were some of the tools she used, or who were some people she turned to? [11:10] Katie woke up to the truth that you are not a victim of your circumstances. You can create your life! [13:00] Katie firmly believes that self-love is self-responsibility. You have to put in the work to get the results that you want. [15:19] How did Katie make the transition from studying and healing herself to coaching and teaching on this topic? [18:48] What is Katie’s business like today? [22:29] What are some strategies or tactics that have been useful to Katie when it comes to promoting things that are not directly tied to income-generating activities? [26:40] What advice does Katie have for someone who is questioning whether they really know themselves or are true to themselves? [30:30] Check out Katie’s website and her YouTube channel for some great resources, tips and tools.

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“It’s not particularly tangible, except that it’s so necessary, and it’s my story! I had to learn to love myself.”

“I am my clients. Me, 10, 15, 20 years ago, is my client now.”

“I didn't ever feel like I was really living my truth. I didn't feel like it was my life.”

“I think if you don't know yourself, that disconnect does cause anxiety.”

“You've been shown one way of doing life. But there are other ways.”

“The first step is unravelling the believe systems that you inherited, and letting the ones that are sabotaging, go.”

“Self-love is self-responsibility.”

“I refuse to allow my life to be mediocre. It has to be daring and mighty!”

“Scared isn’t bad. It’s just I’m constantly pushing my edges.”

“You’ve got to be loving it, you have to enjoy it, for it to be successful.”


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it girl radioit girl radio


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