IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #50: Messages, Marketing and (Social) Media

Danielle LaPorte

WANT TOP BIZ ADVICE FROM DANIELLE LaPORTE? When it comes to getting your message out into the world, Danielle shares that it's much easier to spread your message to people who are already on the same page as you. She is all about her tribe, and marketing to like-minded people, rather than trying to convince everyone about the truth and value of her message. Makes sense wouldn't you say?!

If you are looking for insights into how best to get your message out to the world, managing social media, or just how to reconnect with knowing what’s best for you, tune in to this episode and hear Danielle's one of a kind truth bombs.

Key Takeaways

[:21] Jessica introduces and welcomes her guest for this episode — Danielle LaPorte.

[1:45] When did Danielle realize that she wanted to be a published author?

[2:27] How does Danielle usually get the inspiration for her books?

[3:28] Did Danielle create the publishing arm of her company because of White Hot Truth, or was it around beforehand?

[6:01] Where does Danielle see the publishing arm of her company going?

[7:40] What inspired Danielle to write White Hot Truth?

[8:40] Jessica heard Danielle speak in Sydney, where she shared her experience of having, and then getting rid of her crystals. Danielle talks about how people, and she herself, can become reliant on objects to fix them.

[12:10] Jessica and Danielle discuss the parallel between people depending on objects for healing, and people depending on coaches for the answers. If people aren’t making their own choices, they cannot be happy with their outcomes.

[13:32] If someone is feeling lost, how can they go about starting to tap back into their inner knowing?

[15:19] Danielle used many different mediums to get her message out with the launch of her new book. What was the best strategy or technique that she found in relation to launching a book?

[17:23] Looking back at how Danielle’s brand has evolved and grown, what is something she wishes she had known when she was starting out?

[20:31] Danielle is very active on social media, and she shares a lot about her life with her audience. Did this always come naturally to her?

[23:29] What has been Danielle’s best purchase under $1,000?

[24:29] What is Danielle’s favorite place to travel to, to unwind?

[25:07] What does being an It Girl mean to Danielle?

Key Insights

“I play the same game as other publishers do.”

“I definitely have aspirations to publish other people’s material.”

“Some people’s content should be in printed form. Some people’s content should be digital, and should be filmed.” “I was tired of self-helping myself. And I could see the same kind of phenomenon with a lot of my girlfriends.”

“I am not going to be reliant on somebody else for healing.”

“If I make a mistake, I want it to be my mistake.”

“I am all about tribe. It’s very efficient to speak to people who understand you, speak your own language.”

“My people are my market. I am my market!”

Show Notes

Danielle LaPorte
White Hot Truth, by Danielle LaPorte
The Fire Starter Sessions, by Danielle LaPorte
The Desire Map, by Danielle LaPorte
Coaching Mastery Certification
Ten Thousand Waves Spa, Food, and Lodging