IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #48: Build A Community, Build Your Business


After graduating, she embarked on a three-year entrepreneurship journey down a path of starting and running wellness clinics. She soon realized that she found more pleasure in leading, guiding and inspiring people who were approaching her for help to grow their businesses. This realization paved the way for her to make the jump to running her business online. Today, Michelle has a thriving membership program, Maven Inner Circle, and works with a limited number of one-on one clients. She provides business coaching and mentorship for the future leaders of the wellness industry, helping them take their businesses to new heights.

Michelle talks about what her entrepreneurship journey has been like, the challenges she has faced, and the mistakes she has made. Her experiences thus far have helped her understand the importance of building a community that has focus and accountability, and that provides support and guidance.

This episode is perfect for someone looking to harness the power of community to grow themselves as entrepreneurs, and their businesses. Tune in for some great tips from Michelle.


[:32] Jessica introduces and welcomes this episode’s guest — Michelle McGlade. [1:32] How did Michelle end up in her current business? [5:10] How many clinics did Michelle have? [5:49] Michelle’s clinic wasn’t just a one-man show. What was it like being in charge of so many people? [7:04] Michelle jumped straight into launching a large clinic with multiple treatment rooms and employees. She doesn't recommend her route for everyone, though! [8:02] What gave Michelle the inkling that there was something more than just having and running her own clinics? [9:03] Michelle and Jessica met right when Michelle had accepted that she was going to sell her clinic, and wanted to start moving in the direction of coaching people online. [10:05] What was the first program or offering that Michelle sold online? [11:12] Since her foray into the world of online business, Michelle has had to learn so many different things. [11:41] After some time with her one-to-one model, Michelle realized that she wanted something more, to make a greater impact, but she just wasn’t sure what the answer was. [13:05] What is Michelle building now? [14:54] Michelle’s business model is now predominantly membership-based. What are the pros and cons of such a model? [17:36] Jessica compares the membership business model to the evergreen business model. [20:01] What are some steps someone looking to harness the power of community can take? [23:35] What is Michelle’s opinion on videos, live streaming, podcasting and other mediums to interact with people? Which is her preferred medium? [25:16] Who does Michelle admire? [27:03] What is one mistake Michelle has made in business, and what has she learned from that? [29:41] Jessica shares a personal story of the difficulty that entrepreneurs face when it comes to having to say no to something. [31:38] What does Michelle do for fun? [32:54] If Michelle were given $10,000 to spend right now, what would she spend it on? [33:56] What does being an It Girl mean to Michelle? it girl radioit girl radio

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“Any entrepreneur will realize that you just kinda take risks and try things, and that’s exactly what I was doing.”

“At that time, people were believing in me before I was really even having that belief in myself that I could do this.”

“It’s kind of like a marathon, not a sprint, so you want to be in it for the long haul. It's not like a one-and-done.”

“Visibility is a muscle you flex.”


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