IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #47: Event Planner Extraordinaire


Cristina got into the industry when she did an internship at an event planning company, and subsequently started running her own business. Most recently, she has expanded into the consulting and coaching space in the last two years. Apart from organizing fabulous events all over the world, she has made it her goal to help people who want to get into this highly competitive industry, something that she struggled with when starting out. As someone who has worked with many high-profile clients such as Michael Buble, Cristina has some great insights about how to maintain positive client relationships in stressful situations. Everyone has bad days, and it’s important to remember that, when dealing with clients, so that you treat them with compassion.

Cristina also shares some tips for entrepreneurs starting out — there’s a lot of benefit that comes from being authentic, and coming from a place of giving to others, rather than just taking. Remember to also celebrate small milestones in your journey, instead of only focusing on the new goal.

This episode is perfect for new entrepreneurs looking for tips on starting their own business, and those who want to enter the highly-competitive event planning space!


[:25] Jessica is interviewing a former client of hers — Cristina Samper Pearl. [1:20] How did Cristina end up in her current business? [2:48] How long has Cristina had her current business? [3:10] Did Cristina always think she was going to be an entrepreneur, or did she just go with the flow? [4:12] Cristina’s business deals with event planning, as well as coaching and consulting. How do these elements work together? [5:59] What advice does Cristina have for maintaining positive client relationships in high-pressure situations, or dealing with more demanding clients? [9:30] Everyone has bad days — it’s important to deal with clients who are stressed or upset with compassion. [11:00] If people are approaching you as the expert, have the confidence to voice your opinion! [11:54] Businesses cannot be grown overnight. Cristina shares some insights about making the right connections and getting the endorsements needed to grow a business. [16:46] What advice does Cristina have for young entrepreneurs looking to start their own business? [20:36] Starting a business and having a baby — there's never a right time to do it, you just have to do it! [21:25] Cristina was named one of Vancouver’s Top 30 Under 30. She talks about the experience. [25:09] Jessica shares a personal story about brief career as a model — it’s not about being in competition with others, but competing with yourself to be the best you can be. [27:52] It’s time for some fun questions. First off, who would be Cristina’s dream client for her events business? [29:48] If Cristina were given $10,000 to spend right now, what would she spend it on? [30:56] What is Cristina’s favorite holiday destination? [31:34] What is Cristina’s favorite blog or app? [32:37] What does Cristina do for fun? [33:41] What does being an It Girl mean to Cristina?

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“I think that working for myself and building something has always just been in my nature.”

“You have to be confident to say yes to what you want, and no to what you don’t want.”

“Publicity and networking have been, for me at least, such an instrumental part of growing my business.”

“People want to help their friends. They don’t want to help someone they think that they’re just doing a favor for.”

“Being authentic and coming from a place how you can help people makes such a huge difference.”

“No one creates an empire overnight.”


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