IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #46: Success without Burnout? It’s Possible.


In today’s world, addiction to work is more common than we would think. As with any other addiction, there are many different layers to it, and different people deal with and approach it differently. Casey talks about recognizing addiction to work, and balancing and managing that addiction. After developing a serious stress rash from working too hard, Casey realized she had to slow down. That’s when she threw in the towel and started focusing on pursuing her dream of becoming a yoga teacher. That didn’t last long either, and she finally transitioned into what she does today, consulting work. Currently, Casey combines consulting, coaching and digital courses with the work she does around work-life balance. Her mission? Showing others they can have success without burning out.

Casey has added on to her consulting practice by diversifying into the online sphere. She wants to create products to serve her existing client base, and open up to new potential clients in getting her message to a bigger audience. She shares how coaches can add more consulting strategies too!

If you’re feeling overworked, or are looking for some tips on achieving work-life balance, Casey is the person to look for. Some of her main tips are: 1. Start by prioritizing balance in your energy space. 2. Get technology out of your room by a certain time. 3. Be gentle with yourself. 4. Realize that work will never stop. 5. Vacation time is crucial to recharge your batteries. Take it!

This episode is perfect for someone who has a tendency to overwork or someone who is seeking work-life balance!


[:20] Jessica is almost 39 weeks pregnant! She talks about some of the things that have changed recently. [1:05] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Casey Van Zandt. [3:10] Casey talks about her journey in her career — did she always know she was going to be an entrepreneur, or did she just somehow end up there? [4:50] When did Casey come to the realization that there had to be an easier way? [9:03] Being a workaholic and enduring immense levels of stress to achieve career goals is not something uncommon, but is also not something really talked about. How many people suffer through this? [11:41] There is a fine line between doing what you love passionately, and having an addiction. There are also different layers to addiction, so what’s important is finding that balance and managing it. [13:33] Casey talks about her transition from the corporate world to being a consultant. It wasn’t a typical active transition, but has led her to being exactly where she wants and needs to be, in her career journey right now. [20:10] Casey has created some online programs, such as the Social Media Detox and Mindful Hustle. She shares a little about her process of moving into the online world from a mere consulting position. [22:00] Casey’s first online product was based on her clients’ struggle with social media addiction, and her programs are designed for clients to have lifetime access. [24:51] What are some tips that Casey has for people looking to change, but aren’t exactly sure how to go about doing it? [30:00] Balance isn’t just a hobby, or just putting your technology away, or just meditating in the morning. It’s present throughout the day in your energy levels! [30:35] Casey has another tip: When taking a vacation, really unplug to recharge, and stay recharged for a longer time! [33:25] Casey’s tips are practical and easy to incorporate into your daily life! [35:07] Casey is going to be launching her program, The Mindful Hustle, again soon. She tells us more about it. [38:51] Casey leaves us with some words of wisdom: 1) Be open and embrace things as they come to you, even if they're not what you were expecting. 2) Be humble, and stay grounded.

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“I’m teaching people how to ... slay in the workplace and have a life, all at the same time.”

“It’s just amazing how you get granted with the stuff that you really need to learn.”

“You can't stay in 6th gear 24/7, and expect your body to just participate equally with you.”

“As an entrepreneur, you should always be diversifying into your business journeys.”


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