IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #43: Be Real to Fulfill Your Purpose


Ruby’s coaching started as a simple blog, as her blog gained traction she decided to go back to school, get some education and became a certified life coach. Gabby Bernstein's, Spirit Junkie Masterclass helped kick off her coaching career. Ruby focuses on having a business with an online presence, rather than an online business. Her strength lies in connecting with people face-to-face (in person or through video- conferencing). Ruby is pretty excited to be able to host live events where she can share her energy with people. The internet is a phenomenal tool, but Ruby knows the power of an eye to eye interaction.

Ruby is eager to reach out and help. She has good advice for getting over the self doubt. She encourages confidence and doing what feels good to you. After all, you can’t be something you aren’t. I love how she never wants to play small.

I asked Ruby if she has ever “followed someone else’s rules”. I asked what lessons she learned from that. She reiterated the importance of remaining true to yourself; if it’s a great idea and doesn’t feel right, skip it.

Ruby claims to be an introvert and uses time with her husband and doing yoga to recharge. While she may be introverted, she’s a big traveler and believes in connecting with the world. Right now, her favorite destination is Thailand.

Today, Ruby certainly left us feeling a little more confident tackling anything that comes our way in the coaching world.


[:42] Jessica asks Ruby how she ended up in her current business. [1:41] Ruby shares her purpose with us, and how she believes in the power within. [2:50] Ruby breaks into coaching by using Gabby Bernstein's, Spirit Junkie Masterclass. [4:08] Ruby describes her business as it operated today. [5:47] Ruby and Jessica discuss the energy and possibility of live events. Here is a link to Ruby’s next big live event: [7:25] Advice on how to monetize coaching from Ruby. [9:40] You have to be the embodiment of what you teach. [11:30] What happens when you follow someone else’s rules according to Ruby. [12:40] Commit to platforms that work for you. [13:40] Surround yourself with inspiring people. The purpose and stories of the people around Ruby ignite and keep her moving. [14:20] What Ruby does for fun, her biggest thrills and what makes her feel connected to the world. [18:13] What being an “It Girl” means to Ruby.

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“I really wanna help people find break-thru’s through their breakdown’s.”

”Too many people are walking around hopeless and helpless when we have the power within us to create change.”

“It’s become this beautiful manifestation of everything that I have ever envisioned.” “When you do something, when you follow what feels good to your soul...there’s so much more ease.”

“Your gifts are worthy.”

“If it works it works, if it doesn’t it doesn’t.”

“These women inspire me endlessly, and these women are my friends. And, I am in awe of that.”


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