It Girl Radio Episode #40: Jessica Nazarali — Nurture a Business and a Baby


In case you missed it, I am expecting a son in August and am quickly approaching my due date. In this podcast episode I’d like to share some insight on how I’ve prepared my business for this exciting transition. Pregnancy has been a great opportunity to evaluate changes I want to make in my business before my son arrives. There are a few questions I’ve asked myself during pregnancy to help evaluate where I am and where I want to be:

  1. What kind of mom and business owner do I want to be? This is important and helpful because making changes now sets the stage for success later.
  2. How is my business set up, and what needs to be different? Again, focusing on changes before Leo arrives sets the stage for success.

It may be hard to take action when you are anticipating big changes, but really, no matter what the obstacle is, taking action now is the best way to accomplish your goals.

Speaking of people taking action, two expectant mothers recently joined my Business Mastery Certification course. My admiration for these women is tremendous, they knew they wanted to make some changes and went for it! Another inspiring example is a friend of mine, Jane Copeland, who started her successful business on maternity leave.

To wrap up, I want to share some crucial steps I’ve taken to prepare for life after a new baby. I think you will find them helpful:

  1. In my business, I have eliminated a lot of one-on-one training and spent time developing trainings to generate income after baby Leo. These trainings include my Business Mastery Certification and my Coaching Mastery Certification.
  2. These trainings are a great place to start if you want to start, grow, or improve aspects of your business.
  3. I have learned to outsource the tasks I am not great at or don’t have time for. I not only outsource these tasks, but I find the best possible people who can support me and allow me to focus on other things (like having a baby).
  4. I have also spent a great deal of my pregnancy creating ready-to-go content. I have found the added organization a tremendous help.

I truly hope you have found today’s episode useful. I personally know, good advice makes transitions much happier.


[0:36] The topic for today’s show: how to manage life and prepare your business during transition.

[1:15] Jessica shares her pregnancy update with us.

[3:10] Evaluating what kind of mom and business owner you want to be.

[5:05] Now is a great time to leverage your business and make it serve you better.

[8:29] The time to start is now!

[10:25] If your current situation is not serving you, then make changes.

[11:55] Jessica shares some of the online certifications she created in preparation for starting a family. These include the Business Mastery Certification, and the Coaching Mastery Certification.

[13:41] Outsource and delegate tasks.

[17:21] Hire people who can support you, and you have total confidence in.

[17:29] Dedicate time to creating content.

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“What do I want to leave behind, what do I want to embody moving forward?”

“You owe it to yourself to really explore the possibility that your life can be different.”

“Don’t let anything hold you back.”

“Be proactive about the life you want to create.”

“A huge blessing of becoming pregnant was realizing that I need a better team.”

“You deserve someone who can support you and your mission.”

Show Notes

Coping With Jane

Business Mastery Certification

Coaching Mastery Certification

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it girl radio