It Girl Radio Episode #38: Adrienne Dorison - Doing Less, Better


Adrienne started her business two years ago when she was at a corporate job and felt creatively suffocated. She felt like her role was in friction with her values. While she was being paid a “good” salary, she wasn't as effective as she wanted to be; she knew there was more she could offer. Adrienne started blogging and fell into the “snowball effect” of the online world, where she found an online space of people growing their business and using their gifts to work with others.

Once she saw an opportunity, she started working in her own time whilst keeping her corporate job and created a side hustle for six months. She paid off her college tuition debt of $45,000 and then once she was debt-free, the universe gave her a little push, and that's when she left her job to pursue her dream. Adrienne has now grown her business to multi-6 figures within the last two years.

Adrienne is passionate about doing less, better. It's not about doing more to get more results faster. It's about doing less to get more results. Adrienne loves the formula “one is greater than many.” By focusing on one high-priority goal per quarter, you're going to be more successful than focusing on the many things you need to get done.

One of Adrienne's most effective tips for entrepreneurs is to become very clear on what your goal is. What is your highest priority goal? You should have only one. Once you make this decision, you should be a better business person as you'll know the highest priority goal that you should be working towards at all times. Then you should share that goal with your team, so they know what to focus on too. This one simple focus will change your business and results dramatically!

“Removing the identity and ego from the decision that we're making and moving towards we actually want .”

“The biggest risk for people is NOT being visible in the business they really want.”

“You need to trust your dream and believe it will happen.”

“My core message is doing less better and taking action.”

“Productivity and efficiency are very different and you shouldn't mistake them.”

“Every decision you make is building your information base to make better decisions.”

“What is the most important thing you could be working on?”

Tune into this episode now, and you'll hear about:

  • Why many people need to keep a day job to build a successful business

  • The power of building an audience and a following from the very beginning

  • The importance of being visible to build trust and have people buy from you

  • Why her passion for sales has made her more successful

  • Why connections with people are essential for all businesses

  • Trust that doing less better will result in better results

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