It Girl Radio Episode #37: Jessica Nazarali - Are Your Clients Happy With Their Results?


Today I'm discussing a very important and often time difficult scenario... What to do if your client isn't getting the results they thought they would or desired to get from working with you.

This can really prohibit coaches from signing the number of clients they desire because of this fear in the back of their minds...

What will I do if a client isn't happy with their results?!

Tune into this episode now, and you'll hear about:

  • Why I love to have clients journal to get clear on why they're not progressing

  • If you're a type A personality, you may be judging your client's progress

  • The importance of setting goals in the very beginning of your coaching package

  • Many people struggle with being visible and why this can sabotage a client's success

  • Sometimes a client's block can be as simple as time management

  • A simple amount of accountability can often allow a client to move forward and get results faster

Show Notes

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