It Girl Radio Episode #12: Sherina Mayani - Dropping Parental Expectations to Become an Independent Business Woman


For this week's episode, I am sharing my conversation with Life and Business Coach, Sherina Mayani. Sherina is one of my mastermind partners, a dear friend, and the Indian sister that I never had but always wished I did!

I just came back from spending a week with her in Mexico so it seemed only fitting to release this interview this week. :)

Sherina's work involves guiding women to clear their blocks, upgrade their mindset, and build the business of their dreams.

During our recent discussion, Sherina and I talked about doing what's necessary to break away from your family or cultural norms in order to live your life's purpose and follow your dreams.

Tune into this episode now, and you'll hear about:

  • Taking small steps that guide you towards mega results (e.g. reading books, doing research, reaching out to people who can help or support you).

  • Surrounding yourself with mentors that inspire you, hold you accountable, and are instrumental in helping you reach your goals.

  • Never leaving yourself out of the equation! Work on yourself so you can start shifting and attracting the situations and people into your life who are aligned with your vision.

When you listen to this week's podcast with Sherina Mayani, you'll also learn the importance behind becoming emotionally and financially independent to breakthrough any pre-conceived barriers to become the super-successful businesswoman you were born to be!

Just a heads up, technology wasn't our friend during the interview so the sound quality is a little patchy in parts. But hang in there as Sherina shares some real and honest content that was too good not to share, for the sake of being 'perfect.'

Show Notes

Coaching Mastery Certification

Sherina Mayani

Thanks so much for listening :-)

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