It Girl Radio Episode #13: Melissa Pharr - Scaling Your Business for Big Paydays


On this week's It Girl Radio episode, I'm so pleased to bring you my recent conversation with Melissa Pharr. I've known Melissa for quite a while, so it was awesome to have a deeper conversation and find out more about her personal story.

Today Melissa is a Wealth Creation Coach who helps entrepreneurs to feel more confident in their value and within the services they provide to their clients. She went from being a struggling actress and personal trainer in New York to building million dollar coaching business. Pretty cool transition, right?

When Melissa and I sat down to chat, we discussed the strategies behind scaling your business so you can produce BIG paydays!

Tune into this episode now, and you'll hear about:

  • Not wasting time and effort on tasks you're not good at or don't like doing - hire an expert to do them instead!

  • Creating and implementing systems so you can stay organized and keep your head on straight to focus on what's most important.

  • Avoiding overwhelm from all of the tasks needed to build a successful business and hone in on what you love doing and stick to it!

By listening to the It Girl podcast this week, you'll also learn about how to embody a strong, positive mindset, self-belief, and resilience which are essential qualities of being a rockstar entrepreneur!

Show Notes

Coaching Mastery Certification

Melissa Pharr

Thanks so much for listening :-)