IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #106: How To Combat Imposter Syndrome with Jessica Nazarali and Stephanie Wasylyk


Are you an expert? Whether or not you are ready to claim the title of “expert” is a huge issue that a lot of new coaches deal with. Women, in particular, grapple with this issue and it can lead to many otherwise competent and capable people missing out on fantastic opportunities to lead and serve their communities.

In this episode of It Girl Radio Stephanie and I discuss how to determine whether or not you have the necessary tools to start a coaching career and how to combat Imposter Syndrome. We also share our personal experiences with tackling this subject and how we moved forward despite our fears.

Check out Episode 106 of It Girl Radio and learn how to meet your fear of inadequacy head on!

Key Takeaways

[3:21] Jessica shares her experience with the feeling that she wasn't an expert at the beginning of her career

[12:08] Stephanie and Jessica talk about what to do if you need more training

[17:02] Stephanie discusses the importance of learning through experience and researching subjects that you are unfamiliar with

[20:21] Stephanie talks about the value of connecting with your peers

[23:45] Jessica shares an exercise that she uses for clients that are on the fence about whether they need more training

[28:07] Stephanie discusses how keeping a praise journal can boost your confidence and improve your business

Key Insights

“Are you someone who consistently doesn't feel like you're good enough or do you need to take a course because you need to learn more information about a topic? Check in with yourself.”

“What people are really interested in [in the coaching space] is whether you have the necessary skills and experience to achieve results.”

“Practice is so important.”

“Making mistakes and not knowing things are key parts of becoming an expert.”

“People don't expect you to know absolutely everything.”

“When you write down your expertise in the beginning what you are assessing is whether or not you know enough to get started.”

“Your WHY needs to be stronger than your FEAR.”