IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #105: How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Business with Jessica Nazarali and Cara Chace

Cara Chase

Do you use Pinterest? This social media platform is in a world of its own. In fact, our guest for episode 105 of It Girl Radio, Cara Chace, believes that Pinterest is more like a search engine than a social media platform. She also believes that this site is ripe with opportunities for most entrepreneurs.

Cara Chace is a Pinterest expert with a fascinating backstory. On this episode of It Girl Radio, Cara shares how she moved from the world of law enforcement to marketing for a heavy metal band, and eventually became a social media manager and an expert in Pinterest. She also shares some great tips on how to use Pinterest to grow your business.

You don't want to miss this episode of It Girl Radio!

Key Takeaways

[3:10] Cara shares how she got started

[8:12] Cara talks about how a viral blog post helped her to shape her business

[9:36] Cara discusses how to use Pinterest to get opt-ins

[11:30] Cara talks about how different kinds of businesses can benefit from Pinterest (hint: every business can benefit from Pinterest!)

[15:33] Cara discusses Pinterest analytics

[19:56] Cara talks about methods for staying consistent on Pinterest

Key Insights

“Every business solves a problem and that is the mindset that people are in on Pinterest. People on Pinterest have an aspirational learning and planning mindset.”

“Pinterest is at the very top of your marketing funnel. The purpose of Pinterest is to drive traffic to your website. Once you get people to your website, it's your job to get them on your email list.”

“Pinterest is a slow burn; it's a long journey, relatively speaking.”

“Pinterest is an evergreen's unlike any other marketing or social media platform out functions on keywords. It's a visual search engine.”

“The important thing is consistency and making sure what you're pinning is quality content and follows best practices.”

“You don't have to have your head fully wrapped around it, you don't have to do it perfectly...start learning...start pinning...Don't be afraid to jump in.”

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