IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #104: Five Big Business Mistakes That Cost You Money

Jessica Nazarali

Over the years both Stephanie and I have enjoyed our share of successes in business and made some great decisions. We have also made our share of mistakes. This week on It Girl Radio we are discussing the top five mistakes that entrepreneurs make and how these mistakes can cost you money. We're delving into specific examples of how these common errors have presented themselves in our businesses and in our clients' businesses.

Check out episode 104 of It Girl Radio if you want to learn about these roadblocks before you encounter them, or if you want to change course and move beyond them.

Key Takeaways

[3:55] Stephanie shares an anecdote about onboarding clients

[6:28] Jessica discusses overcoming objections

[9:38] The hosts talk about the importance of being consistent

[16:21] Stephanie speaks about the dangers of getting distracted

[20:27] Jessica discusses a recent example of getting carried away

[29:00] Jessica talks about the importance of knowing your limits

[34:09] Stephanie discusses the importance of leveraging your time effectively

Key Insights

“If it's hard to join your program, you're setting the precedent that working with you is going to be challenging. And you don't want that.”

”It's really important that you do what you say you're going to do.”

”When you consistently break promises that you've made to yourself, you begin to not trust yourself.”

“The question I often ask myself is: does this help me achieve the lifestyle goals that I have and the business goals that I have? It's amazing how often people do things because they think that they are supposed to do them.”

“Sometimes getting caught up in the creative process and perfecting the details becomes a way of procrastinating.”

”You have to ask yourself: am I saying it's not ready yet because I'm afraid to move to the next level?”

”If you want to be at the top of your game, bite the bullet and narrow it down a little bit.”

“Get in the mindset of building a business instead of a high paying job for yourself...the faster you can start delegating tasks the faster you're going to see progress.”