IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #102: Simple Ways to Incorporate Systems Into Your Business with Jessica Nazarali and Stephanie Wasylyk

Jessica Nazarali Podcast

What systems do you use in your business? I’ll be honest, systems don’t come easily to me. For quite a while I convinced myself that all the checklists in my head counted as systems. Maybe you can relate. What I eventually realized is that having specific systems and processes for the day-to-day activities in my business is a lifesaver.

In this episode of It Girl Radio, I am exploring the wonderful world of systems with our resident systems expert (aka my co-host) Stephanie!

Whether you are a tech-savvy person or prefer to keep things super simple, systems are paramount for your business.

Check out Episode 102 of It Girl Radio!

Key Takeaways

[5:32] Jessica discusses why systems are essential for your business

[7:10] Jessica shares the importance of keeping track of the little things

[9:52] Jessica talks about how systems can help you evaluate your progress

[11:56] Stephanie discusses how systems can help you to delegate

[14:55] Stephanie delves into specific examples of large and small systems

[20:14] Stephanie talks about how to employ systems to assist you with networking

Key Insights

“The more documentation around something, the easier it is for things to be done right.”

“Even when you're first starting your business, systems can be a lifesaver.”

“Things on a checklist that might sound very basic or unimportant are actually very important because they help you to make sure that all of the little things are done to the highest standard.”

“A written system or a checklist helps you to simplify complex tasks as your business grows because they make it easier to see all of the little moving parts.”

“I find it very frustrating to have to relearn something over and over I like to set up systems for the things that I don't do often so I can remember how to do them.”

“It's really important that all of your systems are helping to reinforce your brand.”