IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #101: Your Business, Your Rules: How To Do Business Your Way with Jessica Nazarali and Cat LeBlanc

Jessica Nazarali + Cat LeBlanc

There's a lot of conflicting messaging out there about how to start and grow your business and it can be easy to get lost in all of the suggestions. Sometimes it can feel like you are being pulled in twenty different directions. Sound familiar?

When you're up against a wall of rigid rules for business it can be hard to move forward, but our guest this week is helping entrepreneurs break through.

This week on It Girl Radio, I sat down with business strategist Cat LeBlanc to discuss the value of following your instincts and building a business that is aligned with your personal perspective and vision. Cat shares how she got started as an entrepreneur and how she helps her clients hear their truth beyond the noise.

Check out Episode 101 of It Girl Radio, dive into some great tips for running your business your way and learn a little bit more about this dynamic leader.

Key Takeaways

[2:40] Cat shares how she got started

[12:13] Cat talks about what it takes to do business your way

[15:23] Cat and Jessica discuss the importance of self-permission

[18:05] Cat shares the two elements that are essential for any business

[19:56] Cat talks about how she avoids falling into the trap of defining herself and her business by the standards of others

[25:25] Cat discusses what she has planned for the future

[26:16] Cat shares what being an It Girl means to her

Key Insights Shared on this episode

“What you don't want to do is focus more on what's going to make money; you've really got to think about what is going to feel good to you on an ongoing basis”

“We started this business, we made some money, but my experience of it was really uncomfortable and negative...I was lying on the balcony thinking - oh I hope the phone doesn't ring, I really don't want the phone to ring! So I had to find an escape route...we just realized this is not going to work for me, it's probably his business and not mine.”

“Business is actually quite simple and you really can do it your way. And if you break it down you can make choices along the journey, do the things you want to do and separate yourself from this narrative of 'you've got to be doing all the things' because otherwise, you're not fulfilling this idea of what it's supposed to look like.'”

“It's difficult, especially when you're new in business, to give yourself that permission, because you don't know if you're shooting yourself in the foot, and I think that's often where you need a coach or somebody external”

“If you're not sure about something you have to give it a whirl”

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