IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #42: How a Facebook Bot Can Help Attract Clients


Last week, I mentioned some new funnels we’ve been exploring. We’ve had a really positive experience with Facebook Messenger Bots, and I wanted to share how we have been using bots in my business to attract clients. I’ve asked Faiz Nazarali to provide basic information on how to create and utilize Facebook Bots. I’ve also written a blog that gives further detail on Facebook Bots, you can read that post on my blog:

A Facebook Bot is a bot attached to your Facebook account. The bot sends predefined messages to clients and prospects. The bots provide a way to initiate conversation with customers, and possible new customers.

Bots communicate using short, direct messages. The goal is to keep the messages pointed and engaging. With this technique, about 90% of messages get opened. Another facet to this technique is letting the reader “choose their own adventure.” This means the bot asks short questions to determine what could be most valuable to the reader.

As the reader responds you get micro conversions creating a connection with them. With such rapid responses the reader doesn’t have a chance to disengage. Micro conversions also create an opportunity for readers to opt into emails or webinars.

Faiz shares commonly made mistakes and how to avoid them. He also explains some really cool options for tailoring messages and tuning into keywords, comments, and sequencing messages.

I know a Facebook Bot seems a little intimidating, but it really is simple and can have a major impact on your business.

Key Takeaways

[:57] This episode was inspired by questions about Facebook Messenger Bots.

[1:25] Faiz Nazarali is introduced and begins explaining how to set up a Facebook Bot (without code) and how it works!

[2:15] Why should someone set up a Facebook Bot?

[4:00] Facebook bots give the prospect the opportunity to choose their own adventure.

[4:32] Common mistakes people make with Facebook Bots

[5:19] Examples of micro conversion

[6:30] Micro conversions open the door to offer email opt-in info or offer webinar sign up links.

[7:25] Dos and Don’ts of setting up a Facebook Bot.

[9:41] ManyChat and Chat Fuel are options to get started on creating your own Facebook Bot.

[10:38] A more detailed training on Facebook Bots is potentially being added to my online business certification, which you can find at

Faiz’s Tips

“One of the benefits is [they have] a really high open rate.”

“[A Facebook Bot] really creates some dialogue and connection with your customers and prospects.”

“The main reason I would set this up is so that you can create a deeper connection and add more value to your audience.”

“Just-in-time information is really valuable.”

“You’re giving the user the power to self-select what is interesting to them.”

Show Notes

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