Guest Blog Post: 4 Facebook Ad Mistakes You Need to Stop Doing Now


facebook ads 1) Thinking Facebook is a “magic pill”; why would you need a strategy at all?!

This first method is by far the easiest if you are looking to part with your money fast. I’d almost go so far as to say that this is even faster than literally throwing money out the window.

It all starts with your expectations. To get rid of your earnings, you should aim to expect that Facebook WILL be a “magic pill” that will turn the sound of crickets into raving fans overnight.

If you want to turn it up a notch, a great trick is to just run the ads with no strategy whatsoever. Which business ever needed a strategy anyway?

That means you shouldn’t budget for the ads. Give one ad $30 and the next $15 – randomize it as much as possible, so when you look at your results you’ll be confused.

Lastly, blame Facebook for not spending your cash fast enough.

If you follow these steps, you can’t mess up. You’ll be broke by morning!

2. Burn your customer avatar or ideal client sheet

Remember that customer avatar sheet most experts suggest you create? They do that for a reason – it works. So if you’re looking to throw money down the drain, burn it.

Make sure you aren’t clear on who your audience is. Do you feel the urge to research your customers deeper? Resist! In fact, the less you know about them, the better. Simply assume what they like, where they live, and what their life is like. Do NOT ask them.

That means if you have been using a customer avatar sheet to map out your ideal client, NOW is the time to burn it!

Are you wondering what the heck is going on here?

These tips explain why people often fail with Facebook ads. Next time you see someone complaining that they don’t work, you’ll know that they (probably) did one or all of these 4 steps.

Keep reading; I’ll explain everything in a minute.

3. Your audience doesn’t know their problems; you tell them!

Something else I’ve found to produce horrible results is to just go with your gut when designing your ads. Test different ideas? Oh no!

If you are unsure which image to pick, just pick one and get over it. Remember step 2? You know what your customers respond to better than they do themselves! So tell them!

4. Ignore Facebook reporting

You know how Facebook shows you a report of your ad’s performance?

DON’T LOOK AT IT! Okay, you can sneak a peek, but that’s it!

Go through it fast – if something seems weird, ignore it. Digging down into the results will help you understand what’s happening – we don’t want that, right?

Well, let’s get serious for a second. The four steps above really are all it takes to part ways with your money at an incredible speed. Facebook ads are, by many, called a beast for a reason.

It’s horribly easy to spend a lot of money (if you can figure out the maze of the interface) without getting the results you were looking for.

Unfortunately, lots of advertisers do these four steps every day without even realizing it. That’s a shame.

You don’t have to waste your money

Well, now that we know about it, we can actually do something.

I’d be happy if you would consider forwarding this to someone you know who spends a lot of time on their Facebook advertising.

The more time they spend, the more you will help them if they improve their results by just 1%.

By the way, did you notice how none of the key points above had anything to do with the actual ad, targeting or landing page?

Were you surprised that I didn’t mention the usual silly mistakes such as forgetting to enter the right landing page URL or pause bad performing ads?

All that stuff is what anyone out there will tell you. And it’s great advice, but it won’t give you big wins.

It won’t REALLY change the performance of your ads - it won’t take you from say $8 per email subscriber to $1.

While all this made me feel uncomfortable when I was first presented with it, I quickly realized how big a difference it would make.

All these things had something to do with me. How I approached spending the money, setting goals and handling bad results.

The difference between advertising on Facebook and most other advertising platforms is that it has so much traffic you can literally spend your life savings on a whim. And that’s a good thing.

For your business, that means once you understand how to leverage it, it’s really all you need. That’s important, so let me say that again.

Once you understand how to buy Facebook traffic you won’t need any other traffic source.

That’s why the learning curve is worth it. It’s like saying, “Once I figure this one out I can reap the rewards of my hard work over and over again.” That’s comforting, isn’t it?

As Abraham Lincoln said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

It’s all about being deliberate, methodical and focusing on big wins. It’s not sexy, but it works.

What is sexy, however, is when you can spend your time doing what you love the most because your email app keeps pinging you: “You gave gained a new subscriber.”

Or you can do like this woman, and work with a view. Although getting sand in your computer probably isn’t that much fun, but I’ll let you be the judge.


I feel like my job is only partially done if I just end this article and leave you hanging. So instead, I’m going to give you some ideas on how to improve your ads, something you can actually use today. There’s just one problem.

Contrary to what many readers assume, I’m not worried about giving away my best material for free – not even to another blog.

It makes me happy when someone helps me, and I believe you should do to others as you want them to do to you. No, my problem is twofold.

First of all, it’s difficult for me to imagine what exactly you struggle with. And second, on most topics, it’s tricky to be really helpful in a just a few short pages.

So what I’m going to do is write some advice based on what my other readers have needed help with. Then I hope you’ll take the time to visit my blog and shoot me a quick email about your struggles. I promise I’ll do my best to help you out.

There’ll be a link to my blog in the bio below, and I might even try to persuade you to sign up for my private emails (trust me, it’s worth it). But first, let’s talk about a couple of easy things you can do to improve your results right now.

Easy things you can do to improve your results now

The easiest, fastest and most fail-proof way is to plan your campaigns, expect that you will have some ads that don’t perform and plan for what to do WHEN it happens. What will I do – and more importantly, how will it make me feel? Create a basic plan

Do as Abraham Lincoln and have a SPECIFIC plan before you start. Even if it’s just a basic one.

That could look something like this: First, I test 5 audiences on $10 each for 3 days. If all the results are bad, the reason must be X (and then you figure out what could likely have caused this and what to do about it).

If the results are OK, I’ll pick the most promising audience and test 10 images on $10 each for 3 days on that audience.

Have a clear idea of who your audience is

Make sure you are 100% clear on who your target audience is – it might help to use an avatar worksheet if you haven’t already.

As I mentioned before, lots of pro’s talk about this for a reason. It works! Brainstorm different ways to reach your audience

Brainstorm different ways to reach your audience with Facebook. By that I mean if they like baking, one way to target them could be through fan pages of baking TV channels.

Another could be the fan pages of specific bloggers who write for stay-home moms (if you think they like to bake).

Try different ideas

Test different ideas. My rule of thumb is: If I’m even remotely doubting which of my ideas is better, I test it.

That doesn’t matter if it’s the lead magnet, targeting options, ad image, ad copy or whatever. If in doubt, TEST! People will tell you what they want by clicking.

Take the time to understand your data (be patient)

You will for sure WASTE a massive amount of cash if you don’t understand the data you get back from your ads.

I know because I failed for a long time at understanding that and it was one of the key areas that helped me run amazing ads. While it might feel difficult at first, it gets easier with time.

Be patient with your own learning curve in this area in particular. Go through the different breakdown-options in ads manager (placement, age group, gender, etc.) and see if something sticks out. Compare your data between ads and campaigns. Then base your next campaign on learnings from your past ones.

Figure out what a subscriber is worth to you

And please, please figure out what a subscriber is worth to you. You’ll INSTANTLY know whether you are making a profit on your ad or not – even if you are looking to get new subscribers.

I know how dreadful it seems but don’t make the same mistake I did. It’s such a simple thing to do.

To save you the trouble, I have even created a cheat sheet that will calculate everything for you. It will take you about 30 seconds to fill out, and you will be MILES ahead of your competition.


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