IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #84: Jenn Scalia – Your First Six Figures


Have you been hustling hard but not seeing results? You’ve probably been told that all you have to do to grow an online business is to work hard, and success will naturally follow. Though that seems like a pretty tale, it isn’t true for many of us. The road to success is full of twists and turns, and it’s pretty easy to lose your way.

This week on It Girl Radio, coach and author of Your First Six Figures Jenn Scalia will tell you all that you need to know to get back on track. If you’re still in the process of launching your brand, you will find her tips pretty helpful too.

In this episode, Jenn shares why she became an entrepreneur, how she discovered the world of coaching, and what she did to create a successful online business. Much like the rest of us, Jenn had her fair share of bumps along the road. She failed to reach her full potential. She was doing so much, yet she wasn’t seeing the results that she felt she deserved.

For Jenn, the first step towards success was cultivating a positive mindset. She believed she could, and so she did. When she set her mind and heart to it, she was able to become her absolute best. She was able to create her ideal business model.

If you want to learn how Jenn Scalia created a profitable online business, tune into this week’s episode of It Girl Radio.


[00:25] Jessica introduces her guest – Jenn Scalia

[01:55] Why did Jenn start her business?

[03:38] When did Jenn launch her business?

[04:49] What made Jenn start doing revenue generating tasks?

[06:20] Jenn talks about how investing in a coach helped her grow her business

[07:13] How has Jenn’s business evolved today?

[09:05] How did Jenn get into alignment?

[12:00] Jessica and Jenn talk about how it’s important to continue to evolve

[13:15] The importance of letting go of endeavours that aren’t lighting you up

[15:06] When and why it’s essential to define your business

[16:48] Jessica asks Jenn about her writing process for Your First Six Figures

[19:00] Jenn reveals how journaling helps her get into the right mindset

[23:35] Jenn highlights the significance of sharing relevant content

[26:55] Jessica wraps up the episode


“Whether you’re transitioning your entire niche, whether you’re just transitioning the types of people you work with, your ideal clients, branding, any kind of shift like that, I think it’s a beautiful thing because I really think that with each shift and transition, you are really just getting closer and closer to the thing that you’re actually meant to be doing.”

“I only say yes to things I only say yes to. I say no to things that I want to say no to. Sometimes, especially in the beginning, like I said, it kind of leads to resentment and will also lead to burnout, if you’re saying yes to things that don’t serve you and aren’t really getting anywhere.”


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