IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #83: Revisiting the First Quarter of 2018


When Leo was a few weeks shy of being six months old, we traveled to Bali, Indonesia. There, I came to realize how great it would be if I had help with childcare. We rented a villa in Canggu, which had its own housekeeper who took care of Leo and made sure I had a solid uninterrupted hour for work. This week on It Girl Radio, I’m taking you behind the scenes of the first three months of my 2018. I’m telling you all my realizations, my successes, and my failures.

In today’s new episode, I’m covering everything from finding a nanny for Leo to hiring a second-in-command to help me manage my business.

I’ve also got some big announcements.

After going over the lapses of the group program, such as the lack of accountability, I’ve come up with a better solution to serve you. Starting next quarter, associate coaches will be helping out trainees for the Business Mastery Certification. They will coach you through a variety of things like mindset blocks or Facebook ads. Coaching Mastery Certification also got a makeover. We now have somebody tasked to help you optimize your coaching skills or start your coaching business.

That’s not all.

We also decided to create a new offer called Business Mastery V.I.P., which provides clients with personalized 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

What have you been up to in the past few months, It Girls? I cannot wait to spend the rest of the year with all of you.


[00:15] Jessica opens the solo episode

[01:16] Jess recalls their first family trip abroad

[03:32] What did Jess realize from her trip to Bali?

[05:24] Jess emphasizes the importance of child care for working mums

[06:54] Jess opens up about hiring someone to help her with business

[10:03] What did Jess realize from her group programs in the first quarter of 2018?

[12:53] Jess announces an up and coming offer: Business Mastery V.I.P.

[14:43] What is Jess focusing on the second quarter of 2018?

[15:28] Jess talks about her plans for her doTERRA business

[19:04] Jess reveals what she’s looking forward to in the second quarter of 2018

[20:00] Wrap up


“No matter where you are in your business, whether or not you have children or you’re pregnant, really start to look at what you have going on at home that somebody else can be taking care of. This is especially important if you’re working in a job and starting a business, and then you’re also doing all the cleaning and taking care of the house.”

“Something I want you to consider: What can you start to outsource now? It can be as easy as getting a cleaner for at least once a month, to begin with, and then as your business grows, and as you feel more comfortable, outsourcing the rest.”


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