IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #82: How Being Loved Up Can Benefit Your Business

Lauren Joyce

What part does love and sensuality play in your success as an entrepreneur? Tune into this week’s episode of It Girl Radio to discover how love, fun, and switching off can benefit entrepreneurs. The magnetic woman herself, Lauren Joyce, joins me in my podcast to explain how feeling good in one’s skin can help women do better in business.

Before Lauren blossomed into the magnetic woman that she is today, she worked as a sign language interpreter for nearly ten years. In the episode, she narrates how she left the job and eventually pursued a career as a sex, love, and relationship coach. She also shares how her good friend Nicole Moore, whom we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing on It Girl Radio, inspired her to make the transition.

In this week’s episode, Lauren helps us get in touch with our feminine energy. She recommends starting the day by pursuing feminine embodiment practices and sensual activities. A walk, meditation, and journaling are some of the activities that women can do before going to work or whenever they are feeling down.

For those who want to know more about tapping into their feminine energy, check out this week’s episode of It Girl Radio. Find out the simplest ways that women can feel empowered and to perform better in all aspects of life.

Key Takeaways

[1:17] Jessica introduces her guest: Lauren Joyce

[1:32] How did Lauren end up being an entrepreneur?

[2:55] What was Lauren’s first step in becoming an entrepreneur?

[5:17] How does the magnetic woman coach other women?

[6:08] Jessica and Lauren discuss how she transitioned from business coaching to sex, love, and relationship coaching.

[7:23] How long has Lauren been doing this type of coaching?

[7:43] Is Lauren working with a lot of entrepreneurs? [9:26] Lauren shares tips for tapping into your feminine energy.

[13:53] Jessica and Lauren talk about the connection between money and sensual energy.

[18:52] Lauren details the steps that women need to take to heal from trauma.

[23:23] Lauren announces her platforms where listeners can contact her.

[23:40] Jessica wraps up the episode

Key Insights

“I see us as a gas tank. If the masculine energy that we run on is empty or half a tank and the feminine energy is half a tank to a full tank, most women only refill their gas tank up halfway, but then they are constantly running. It gets depleted, and your health suffers. Your relationship suffers. You’re exhausted. You’re not tapped into your creativity. You’re not making inspired decisions.”

“I start with the feminine energy as my set point. When I wake up in the morning, I don’t start with my business. I do some spiritual stuff, some meditating, journaling. I do some feminine embodiment practices. I make sure I pack my morning with sensual experiences.”

“It’s better if I fill my feminine energy first because it’s where our intuition is, the access to creativity, the ability to be more in flow, and kind of follow that life force energy which ends up leading to better results in business.”

Show Notes

Lauren Joyce
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