IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #81: Success on your terms - Running a successful six figure business part-time


Are you someone who is multi-passionate? Are you working in a job while launching your own business? Do you see yourself working in several projects throughout your career? If so, you are in for a treat.

In this week's episode of It Girl Radio, Holly Maccue shares how she can run a six-figure business while also working part-time as a senior marketer for a global organization. Tune in to hear her journey of self-realization, which has been crucial to the success of her multi-passionate career.

“Success is by design,” Holly tells me. It has become her philosophy in life. Those are the very words that helped her launch a successful career and led her to achieve happiness.

In this episode, Holly recounts the years before she started her business, back when she landed her dream job at 25 years old, yet she was miserable.

At that point in her life, she couldn't comprehend why she was unhappy despite what she had already achieved. And much like most people, Holly continued to suffer in silence. It was not until she woke up sick one morning and still only thought about work that she was able to wrap her head around what she needed to do.

“Unless I could change the way I thought about myself or the way I thought about work and success, then nothing else could ever change," Holly admitted.

Holly realized that she could never be happy if she let other people's definition of success define hers. From the moment she understood what it meant to her, everything else fell into place. It was that moment of clarity that inspired her to work hard for what she wanted to achieve.

If you can relate to Holly's story, be sure to check out this episode.


[2:12] Jessica introduces her guest — Holly Maccue.

[2:55] What does Holly’s multi-passionate portfolio career look like?

[3:40] Defining success.

[7:15] Holly recalls how she realized that things had to change, and what she did to embrace the changes that needed to take place.

[9:21] Holly recounts the starting point of her multi-passionate career.

[10:00] How did Holly launch her business while working in her corporate job?

[12:00] Jessica and Holly discuss what holds most people back, especially women, from success.

[17:00] Holly shares the secret to her part-time business’ success.

[19:00] How does Holly help women figure out what they truly want in life?

[23:10] Jessica asks Holly what she plans to do after she has the baby, and how it can possibly affect the dynamic of her business.

[29:00] Holly shares her free e-book.


“I realized I’ve never even asked myself what success meant to me. I just blindly followed other people’s versions, and I’ve got caught in those comparison traps.”

“What’s super important is being crystal clear on what it is that success means to you personally and why — because when we are absolutely driven by that clarity and that passion, we will find a way to make it work.”

“What holds most people back, especially women, unfortunately, is that we make assumptions before we actually ask to see what is possible.”

“When you’re helping someone else get what they want, that is how you ultimately end up getting what you want.”

“We first have to know who we are in order to know what it is we want.”


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