IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #78: Kate Swoboda- The Courage Habit


Are you fearful about starting a business? Do you have stories in your head telling you that you can’t or you aren’t good enough? Tune in to this episode of It Girl Radio to hear about Kate Swoboda and her new book THE COURAGE HABIT, to find out how to work with your fearful thoughts and continue to pursue your goals. Like everyone, you probably have limiting thoughts and fear about whether you’re doing the right thing. Even as an author, Kate Swoboda had those same thoughts, but she has learnt how to work with these thoughts and you will discover how you can too, after this episode.

Kate shares about her journey from getting her book published and the steps you can take to pursue your goals. This inspiring interview details how she used her courage to push past her fear and not let it get in the way of fulfilling her dream. A metaphor she used in our interview really resonates with us: “you have to build yourself enough of a runway for your goal to come to life.“

Building a big enough runway to pursue your dreams and accomplish your goals means giving yourself enough time. Kate was able to publish her book in 2 years, and as a successful coach, she understands, first hand, what it takes to move past your fears. Kate shares with us how the Courage Habit can be applicable in everyday life from being parents, to managing money, and even growing relationships. You can apply the information you learn in today’s podcast at any stage of your life!

This interview with Swoboda is full of useful tidbits on how to apply courage. From the four habits to obtain courage, to how to apply it in your life no matter your age. Don’t miss out on this one especially if you’re at the point in your life where fear and doubt are blocking your work. Come on and give it a listen! Be courageous today!


[0:34] Jessica introduces her guest – Kate Swoboda

[1:46] What inspired Kate to write her book?

[3:47] There is no fearless; it doesn’t exist

[5:00] The science of Habit Formation

[5:31] How long did it take to write the book?

[6:37] What helped Kate become courageous enough to write this book?

[7:33] The four steps to courage

[9:05] Examples of this four step process

[12:19] How Kate felt limited

[13:52] Common limiting beliefs in coaching

[16:30] What to do if you have limiting beliefs?

[17:57] Love of the craft you can’t lose

[20:14] You have to build yourself a runway to success

[21:30] Average amount of time to see success is 18 months

[25:41] Facebook Ads

[27:54] When is the book coming out?

[28:57] Ending with Kate


“There is no fearless; it doesn’t exist”

“Nobody has my point of view; nobody is me!”

“This is your art; this is your craft. Love it!”

“We’re about broadcasting light”

“You have to build yourself enough of a runway”

“Coaching is becoming mainstream”


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