IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #77: Book to Brand


How do you build a personal brand? Why is having multiple revenue streams important, and how can you create that? Tune in to this episode of It Girl Radio to hear about Farnoosh Torabi’s journey and get the answers to these crucial questions! One of America's leading personal finance authorities, sought-after speaker, best-selling author of many books, including When She Earns More, podcast host of So Money — It’s easy to look at Farnoosh’s successes and assume she’s always had it all together. But the reality is that, just like for all of us, it’s been a journey for her to get to where she is today.

Farnoosh shares her story of how she built the foundation of her career and pursued her calling to write a book about personal finance for her generation, despite just being in her 20s. Her persistence to publish paid off, and formed the basis for her personal brand, which she has since grown and leveraged. Today, she teaches other entrepreneurs how to take their careers to the next level by writing a book, in a specialized workshop called Book to Brand.

It’s not all about personal branding, however. Farnoosh has created multiple revenue streams in her business — corporate sponsorship, magazine writing, speaking opportunities, books, and workshops — but there’s one thing that holds them all together, and it’s something you can do too. Consistent content creation!

This interview/workshop with Farnoosh is full of great nuggets of wisdom — you definitely have to tune in to get it all! From learning about Farnoosh’s content creation process to how writing a book can turn you into a highly-sought-after expert to an exciting opportunity to work with her in an upcoming in-person workshop, this episode has it all! What are you waiting for?


[:28] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Farnoosh Torabi.

[2:43] Jessica wants your feedback about this podcast!

[4:51] How did Farnoosh start off in her business?

[14:28] Farnoosh has multiple revenue streams to generate income. What does her business look like today? Was her diversification intentional or something that unfolded over time?

[19:08] Jessica and Farnoosh discuss the importance of creating and putting out good content as a means of establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

[20:50] How did writing a book change things for Farnoosh? It was a big pinnacle and turning point in her career.

[27:08] What was Farnoosh’s experience writing about things that are so personal?

[28:29] How did Farnoosh get the idea to launch her Book to Brand workshops?

[34:05] Jessica and Farnoosh discuss the possibility of turning some aspects of her Book to Brand workshops into an online course.

[36:45] Find out more about upcoming Book to Brand workshops via the website!

[37:00] Farnoosh writes a monthly column in O, The Oprah Magazine. How did she get this opportunity?

[45:18] Farnoosh has some advice for Jessica about her podcast.

[47:06] What are some of the changes Farnoosh has made to her podcast?

[49:58] Farnoosh has some final words of advice.


“I think I was always scared to pursue it, because that was sort of a more creative path, and I come from a very practical family.”

“The idea of me pursuing a path that is not so guaranteed or isn't so predictable was not encouraged.”

“TV is not for the faint of heart.”

“Brand partnerships too, are actually an increasingly popular way for authors and experts and influencers to make money, build their business.”

“My responsibility in my business really is to continue to put really good content out there.”

“When you have a great idea or even just the beginnings of an idea that you want to pursue, don’t keep it to yourself. Share it … there are more people out there that want to help you than want to sabotage your idea or give you negative feedback.”


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