IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #75: Blogging, SEO and Becoming a Digital Nomad


Ever wondered how to make money by blogging? Or do you want to become a ‘digital nomad’? On this episode of It Girl Radio, I interview Sharon Gourlay, the founder of Digital Nomad Wannabe, to find out how she successfully did both and her tips for helping you do the same! Sharon started her blog in 2005, as an online travel journal, but still had a career in IT. Fast forward to 2014. Her career plus managing the household plus spending time with her children equals too much stress! Sharon decided she had had enough of living a life full of work and not enough time to actually enjoy life. She looked back on her old travel blog, and the idea of turning it into a business was born.

Today, Sharon has built and sold numerous blogs and niche sites, all built on the cornerstone of blogging and using SEO to drive traffic. Her basis is simple. All you have to do is find your target market and identify a niche and a problem they need fixing. Create a solution for that problem, then draw your target market to you by using keywords to help them find you!

It's all about being clear on your marketing. Create solid monetization strategies in conjunction with your traffic generating strategies, and you’ll be well on your way to building a successful business. Blogging is also a way to establish yourself as an authority in your industry and build trust with your target market, so don’t overlook it as a tool in your business toolbox.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to find out more about how blogging and SEO work or are interested in learning more about digital nomads, this interview with Sharon is a treasure trove of information. Tune in for some great tips and strategies from Sharon!

Key Takeaways

[:22] Jessica shares an update about her time in Bali.

[1:35] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Sharon Gourlay.

[3:55] What made Sharon decide to start blogging?

[8:05] Once Sharon made the decision to become a professional travel blogger, what was her process?

[11:36] What happened after Sharon moved to Malaysia?

[12:40] How has Sharon’s business evolved over time?

[15:06] Sharon has been able to create websites and develop a following without using Facebook advertising. How was she able to use these organic strategies to generate traffic to her websites and find leads for her programs?

[17:34] How does Sharon use SEO in her business?

[19:51] What are some other keys to having a successful blog?

[21:53] Why should service-based entrepreneurs, such as course creators or coaches, consider blogging?

[23:09] How often should entrepreneurs be blogging?

[25:28] Jessica and Sharon discuss Facebook groups. How does Sharon use her Facebook group, and can it be used as a mini-blog platform?

[29:15] What are some of Sharon’s tips for creating content and blogging?

[31:13] Check out Sharon’s website for some great tips, challenges, and strategies!

[33:06] This episode is brought to you by the Offering Challenge.

Key Insights

“I was just reaching a point in my life where I just was unhappy, and I was struggling to find a way to fix that.”

“I was just struggling to find some type of balance where I could be the mum I wanted to be and I could feel like I was myself again.”

“Don't wait till you’re earning money to go. Go as soon as you can!”

“If you can quit your job … and have time to work on [your business] full-time, it makes such a huge difference.”

“You succeed because you have to.”

“I wouldn’t write a blog post until I knew how I was going to reach my target audience.”

“[Blogging] really is a great way to show off what you know, show you're an authority, just show you're trustworthy.”

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