IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #69: Don’t Put Your Happiness on Hold


Do you ever wonder why you don’t feel happier when you achieve your goals? Do you look like you have it all together on the outside, but feel like a mess on the inside? Do you fall back into old patterns or stories that keep you from living your dream life, no matter how hard you try? This episode is going to help you move past your success blocks, and kickstart your 2018! My guest on this episode of It Girl Radio is Annabelle Matson, a success coach and the founder of the Dream Life Academy and the Transformational Coaching Certification. A few short years ago, Annabelle struggled with feeling like her life was a mess despite appearing to have it all together. She quit her job and moved to a new country in the hopes of ‘fixing herself’ but realized that the change had to come from within.

I’m sure we’ve all told ourselves the same stories: I’ll be happy once I quit my job/travel the world/make $10K a month. But the reality is that once we achieve these goals, the feeling fades quickly, and we’re often left feeling empty and unsatisfied again. Annabelle takes us through why this happens, and how we can start being happy today, instead of putting our happiness on hold.

After transforming her own life, Annabelle decided she wanted to help other women do the same. Today, she coaches her clients to let go of limiting beliefs that keep them stuck and helps them to start taking action towards their dreams. How can you make this change as well? Annabelle has just the advice and tips you need!

If you are struggling to define what your goals are and what your purpose is or lack clarity in what you’re working towards, this episode will be the guiding light you’ve been searching for. Tune in to find out how you can make the changes that will help you move past your success blocks and get on the fast track to success, today!


[:26] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Annabelle Matson.

[2:06] This episode is brought to you by the Offering Challenge!

[3:29] What inspired Annabelle to start doing her work of being a success coach? Annabelle shares her story that brought her to where she is now.

[9:38] Jessica shares her experiences of projecting into the future and believing that changing outer aspects of her life could bring her happiness.

[11:51] What are some steps that people can take to start feeling happy now, and not in the future?

[17:19] Apart from putting their happiness on hold until their end goal has been achieved, what are some of the challenges or problems Annabelle’s clients typically face?

[20:00] How does Annabelle help her clients work through their feelings of unworthiness or other limiting beliefs about themselves?

[23:40] Jessica often encourages her clients to ask themselves “What am I getting out of staying in this situation?” Annabelle shares some of the similar questions she asks her clients to help them uncover the underlying fears or beliefs that are holding them back.

[26:56] Annabelle shares some of the results and transformations she’s helped her clients achieve.

[29:18] Annabelle uses the analogy of a 10-step process to show how we can work through our fears of not knowing what the entire journey is going to look like.

[33:37] How did Annabelle start living her dream life after she moved to Holland?

[36:11] What is the Dream Life Academy?

[37:41] Find out more about Annabelle and her work via her website; she also has complimentary coaching sessions for women who want to get on the fast track to positive change in their lives, so be sure to check that out!

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“On the inside, I was incredibly unhappy. And I couldn’t remember the last time that I felt joyful, or happy.”

“This feeling of dissatisfaction — it followed me wherever I went.”

“It has to be painful enough for us to want to be able to do something different, to actually create a change in our lives.”

“I was responsible for where I was at. And I was the only one that could get myself into a better place.”

“It’s not a void that can be filled from external things, achievements, or doing or having, alone. It has to come from within.”

“What we end up realizing is a lot of what we want is already here, and I think that is really freedom.”

“Our true purpose in life is to be happy, and to be fulfilled.”


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