An Interview with Kharisma Aro

blog post image - 04-17-16

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In this interview, Kharisma Aro talks about how she started and what her magazine will be about. She talks about how to start your own magazine business and the difference between print magazines and digital magazines. She also talks about how to run a crowdfunding campaign for your business.

We also discuss how the crowdfunding campaign will support It Girl International, my not for profit program where I help women in the Philippines come out of poverty and learn life-changing business skills by joining the program where we help them use their skills and talents to make money online as freelancers and virtual assistants to support themselves and their families.

The digital magazine is launching in less than 30 days through the Project DARE campaign. By supporting this campaign, you would be helping women in developing countries get the support and skills they need to launch their own business and fund their dreams through the It Girl International program.

Get on the VIP List waitlist to get updates and to be eligible for VIP Access when we launch. Head over to to sign-up.

Jess xx

P.S. After you have listened to the audio, I'd love to hear how you would like to give back to the world through your business.