It Girl Radio Episode #7: Emily Williams- Creating a Life and Business Better Than Your Dreams

In today's episode of It Girl Radio, I had the pleasure of interviewing Leading Success Coach and Founder of I Heart My Life, Emily Williams. Emily is a really good friend of mine who I was recently hanging out with in San Diego. We attended Brendan Burchard's High-Performance Academy and afterwards we spent a few days masterminding, relaxing at the spa and eating amazing dinners with our significant others and friends.

Emily Williams podcast image

Emily Williams podcast image

During our interview, Emily discusses the strategies you can use to create a life and business that go beyond your dreams!

Listen in to explore the idea of:

  • Dreaming bigger than you ever thought possible (yet leaving room for fun surprises along the way!)

  • Celebrating every milestone and step you take to move forward and leave your fears in the dust

  • Getting the support you need with a team to help you handle tasks so you can focus on creating your dynasty

  • Embracing patience and taking time to enjoy even the little things as you create a business built on everything you stand for

By listening to the podcast, you'll receive instant access to our interview and you'll discover how you can create the life and business you've always dreamed of!

About Emily Williams

Emily Williams is a top Success Coach and the Founder of the 7-figure brand I Heart My Life. She's passionate about helping female entrepreneurs around the world make more money in their online business and create a life that's better than their dreams. She's a Certified Divine Living Coach and has a degree in Psychology. Emily lives in London with her husband James who is a High-Performance Coach and her business partner.

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