6 Steps To Make $10K Per Month as a Coach (Even if you're new to business!)


Is your goal not only to change the lives of your clients but to also make a legitimate income doing so? If it is, I’ve got good news for you!

In today’s post, I’m sharing my top tips to making $10k per month or more in as little time as possible. That doesn’t mean it will happen overnight or be easy. Starting your own business takes focused, daily effort.

Your goal is to build relationships and help your Ideal Clients solve specific problems that they are facing, and that you as their coach and mentor can help solve them.

Develop The $10K Mindset

Having the right mindset is sooo important when it comes to almost everything in life. Making a consistent $10K a month in your business is no exception.

Something I like to do is create a vision boards as an additional boost and to help me visualize my goals. You can easily create a vision board by cutting out pictures and words from your favorite magazines and adding them to a pinboard, or you can create a Secret Pinterest board filled with inspiring images and quotes.

Affirmations are another way to get you knowing that your $10K per month goals are doable. Your affirmation should be something structured like the following sentence. It should be specific and have a timeline attached to it like per day, per month or within a set period of time.

I will make $10K per month in my business and love the clients I get to work with.

Actions Steps:

  • Purchase and read Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • Set aside 20 to 60 minutes each day to read wealth consciousness books
  • Create a vision board that states your intention to make 10K per month!

Test Your Coaching Packages.

Market research is one of the core principles of creating an in demand coaching package and thriving coaching business. Don’t create packages based off what you think will sell. Create packages based off of what your Ideal Clients actually want.

Don’t skip this step! Make market research a priority.

If you already have packages that aren’t selling, find out why. Ask Ideal Clients what they would like to see added or if there are any issues or problems you can help them overcome. Tweak your copywriting to place an emphasis on the benefits to let readers know exactly what they can expect to happen from working with you.


To find out what your Ideal Clients want, you could send them a quick survey through a service like SurveyMonkey. Make sure the survey asks specific questions that allow for feedback and not only yes or no answers.

Use Pricing to Meet Your Goal

Here you will want to do the math and work out how many packages you need to sell to make $10k.

As I tell my clients, to manifest your income goals, you need to price your packages and services accordingly.

Many coaches undercharge for their services. But if you want to be a thriving coach or business owner, you may need to create premium packages.

Does the thought of charging more for your packages scare you? If so, continue working on your money mindset as mentioned above and remind yourself that your services are a worthwhile investment for your clients.

Making a steady income from starting your own business guides you towards a healthy, happy life along with the freedom to choose your own schedule. But it also helps you to be of greater service to your clients.

You’ll have more income to invest in your education, to improve your skills, and to hire team members to provide customer service and support to your customers and clients.

Action Steps:

  • Do the math: figure out how many of your current coaching packages need to be sold so you can make 10K per month
  • Ask yourself: am I undercharging? If so, increase your rates or create new packages.
  • Work on your wealth consciousness and beliefs around money if you are bumping up against “I can’t charge that!” or “They won’t pay that!”

Lead Generation.

For a long time I use to advocate that Facebook ads are the best way to generate clients. However for alot of people this is no longer the best method. If you're interested in hearing about the methods I recommend feel free to book a call here www.jessicanazarali.com/book.

There are other ways to generate leads, such as through guest posting, hosting webinars, organic social media, joint ventures, affiliates, etc. Whatever you choose to start with, keep going and make sure to continue your efforts so that your lists grows with people interested in getting to know you and your services better.

Use your research skills here to develop an understanding of the audience you are trying to attract. Knowing what they are currently interested in will help you to target the right group of people in your lead generation efforts.

Action Steps:

  • Create a lead generation strategy. How many leads do you need coming in to hit your $10k per month income goal? How many strategy/discovery sessions do you need to have to sign the number of clients you desire that will result in $10k?
  • Read this post on how to host webinars.
  • Book a time to speak to me here www.jessicanazarali.com/book to see how I can help you to have a steady stream (5-15 discovery sessions per week) coming your way.

Consistent Marketing

Successful women don’t yo-yo in their businesses. They are consistent in marketing and expanding their reach.

Ask yourself how consistent you are with marketing your business. Are you in touch with your email subscribers on a regular business? What can your readers expect from your blog and newsletter? How do readers feel about your brand, and what do they learn from you?

Consistent marketing and lead generation will help you book more Discovery Calls, sign clients and hit $10k per month. It isn’t rocket science. It’s a formula all the successful coaches and business owners follow.

Action Steps:

  • Consider hiring a Virtual Assistant or Marketing Assistant for a few hours per week (or more) so you can focus on client generating activities.
  • Focus on money making activities, such as getting leads, booking Discovery Calls, marketing, etc. I recommend emailing your list three times a week. Send them one newsletter and two solo mailers (an email with a single call to action, usually to do with something income generating like a webinar or how to book in for a Discovery Call).

Be Clear When it Comes to Your Message

Successful business owners are consistent, reliable, and clear when it comes to their message. She knows exactly what she does, who she helps, and lets people know how to get in touch with her. Because she’s clear with her branding and message, people automatically refer business to her.

The media reaches out to her for expert commentary. Bloggers ask to interview her or have her guest post on their site. Joint Venture partners come forward and ask her if she’s interested in partnering together.

What do you want to be known for? Don’t be vague in what you do. If you’re a Life Coach, ask yourself what specific problems you’re helping your clients solve. Remember, you can expand on this later, but in the beginning, you want to be as specific as possible.

Action Steps:

  • Read your past newsletters, solo mailers, and social media posts. Is your message clear? Does your message make sense? Is it compelling?
  • If you are not getting the Discovery Sessions, clients or income you want, look over your marketing and ask yourself, would I buy this? Is it inspiring me to take the desired action?

Get Comfortable with Sales

To make 10K a month from your own business as a coach or course creator, you need to get comfortable with sales and with having sales conversations.

As women, we tend to think of selling as being something sleazy or unpleasant, but it really isn’t. When you’re building your coaching business, you’re creating packages for people interested in what you have to offer. You’re whipping up helpful blog posts and newsletters that are adding value to the people you’re committed to serving.

In other words, the people consuming your content and booking Discovery Calls are already interested in you and what you do.

Sales and marketing can make us feel yucky because we have had experiences with products or messaging that is deceptive. You’re running a service-based business designed to help the people you are devoted to serving, and that want your help. There is a big difference between a spam message and a well-crafted, uber-helpful newsletter from someone you've opted in to hearing from.

See what I mean?

Hope you found this useful, thanks for reading :)