5 Top Tips to Make Your Next Video Shoot Amazing


video shoot During a recent excursion to New York City, I had the opportunity to film a video series for the launch of Business Mastery Certification. It worked out great since I was in such an amazing location! If you've ever done a video shoot, then you definitely know there's a lot involved! You've got to make sure everything is just right or your time, money, and effort is wasted. And that's definitely not the goal here!

If you want the next time to go off without a hitch (or maybe get the courage to do a shoot if you were too intimidated), I've listed below the top 5 learnings I had from my own experience.

Pre-plan your shoot

But don't instantly jump into getting ready for your actual shoot! First, you'll also want to do some pre-planning to make sure the video shoot itself goes off without a hitch. Most importantly, have you figured out what are you going to talk about while the camera's rolling?

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What's the main topic you'll be covering? What value is it going to bring to your audience? You may want to jot down a quick outline or script so you can think over and decide on what you're going to say. This will help you to stay on point and avoid having a lot of “ums” or other awkward pauses as your shoot is in process. Trust me; you'll save tons of time on retakes! ;)

If you're not sure of what you want to talk about or your mind is overflowing with too many ideas (which happens to me all the time!), think of some of the videos you've seen. How did they flow? What type of music was used? Where were they shot? Did they keep you engaged? Of the ones that didn't, what could have been done to change them? What would you do differently for your own shoot?

Before you schedule your shoot, take the time to think about how you would answer some of these questions. Your videos will be much stronger and they will wow your audience. Now it's time to go over what to do to make your actual video shoot rock!

5 tips for an amazing video shoot

I hope these tips are useful and that they help you avoid any major hang-ups as you plan your upcoming video shoots.

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1) Walking makes the videos more dynamic and interesting to watch. In the past, I have been in one place (sitting on a couch usually) for my video series, but this time I mixed it up and was walking outdoors. It gives people a great visual of where you are and makes them feel like they're on location with you (especially in such a fun place like NYC!). I found this more enjoyable to film, and I felt more inspired while talking...hopefully this came across in the videos too!

2) Get someone to handle the filming who knows their stuff. The guy who filmed my videos is the same guy that shoots for Kimra Luna (and sorry, I'm not allowed to share his details - Kimra swore me to secrecy!) I knew going in that he was a pro, and he knew what he was doing, which gave me a lot of confidence and also helped to put me at ease. By taking this extra step, you won't have to worry about whether or not the videographer will do a good job along with everyone else on the day...just make it easy on yourself and hire someone good.

3) Don't worry about being too perfect. If you do, not only will you be miserable but your shoot will take much longer than it needs to. A good editor will be able to edit out all the stuff that isn't relevant. Just remind yourself that you're human and that you're going to make mistakes. And that's okay! You're also going to be more likely to notice stuff that's wrong or a mistake you made that no one else will see (or care about). Don't get caught up in being perfect and just have fun with it!

4) Your first video series will be the worst. I know it sounds harsh, but there's no way to get around it. Sure you'll possibly have to do more than one take but don't let that overwhelm you. Want to know a secret? My first video series was terrible!! My makeup looked awful, and the sound wasn't the best. But guess what? People still signed up to my program anyway! :) We learn from our mistakes, and once you make one on a video shoot, you likely won't make the same one again. Learn from it, and you'll be just fine!


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5) Celebrate the fact you took the time to record a video series. You didn't procrastinate. You didn't put it off until another time when things would be “better.” Don't just rush onto the next thing without taking the time to recognize that you've taken a huge step. Most people don't even consider doing a video shoot let alone getting one finished. It's a big deal and something you should be proud of. So grab a glass of wine, something yummy to snack on, or whatever makes you happy and honour your special accomplishment. You deserve it!

Want to see the result of my NYC video shoot in action? You can watch the series at www.jessicanazarali.com/leap to see what I am talking about in this post. :)

What lessons have you learned from filming your own video series?


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